New Weapons


Talk about the new weapons and gadgets. (Example: Proxy Taser, RFID Explosive, Dragunov sniper, etc.)

Tranquilizer Pistols: Buggy & Too Few Rounds
Inventory from season 1

so i just learned that the EMP charge opens keycard doors. i wonder if this is why they removed 1 breaching charge. the EMP even has the same silhouette as the BC lol


Is the Dragunov rifle silenced or not?


it has a loud noise but it acts like its silenced.


47 “dismantles” the SVD only in IK PED animation. SVD does not come apart


there’s a special animation for tranquilizing NPCs that are sitting down


the new Bartoli shotgun being this low on 47’s back makes me uncomfortable


Question: If I hide an ICA Taser inside a briefcase and an NPC picks it up can they be electrocuted/KO-ed by the briefcase when the ICA Taser inside ignites?


47 is starting to feel more like a spy with all these gadgets, also more remote audio destractions and explosives, I was hoping for more good looking weapons and useful weapons this time around


Why does the metal on the Striker and the Silverballer look so dark? It remind me of a TF2 skin. Also, that shotgun looks weird on his back.

Question, though: do NPCs spot guns and stuff on 47’s back/pistols he’s holding behind him from the front?


Real life assassins though also use a lot of unusual gear. Nothing is out of bounds when the business involves staking your safety, liberty, and life against the law every time.


I completely agree. I’m all for having more tools to help complete the assassination. The more ways to do it the better. I just wish we got more useful weapons is all, items that feel more hitman like and less James bondish.


There are only so many reskins and “MK IIs” you can get before you start tearing your hair out, haha


Yes, in my opinion the mk ll’s are lame unlocks, at least too many of them anyway


They do need a certain deviousness to them that is true. 47 was always more cruel than 007.


I wouldn’t even care about the MK IIs if it weren’t for those fucking stickers. It’s like they put MORE effort into making it ugly.


That’s one reason why I like 47 so much, all business, just give me the details and I’ll do the hit kinda guy:p


I feel the same way, me you and I think a lot of people who voted on another thread feel the exact same way and want the stickers removed


I created that thread, haha


I see nobody answered my question about the briefcase taser combo. I been using the briefcase as a bombing case. Truly combos well with Proximity Bombs though it’s a shame pairing it with Gas Tanks doesn’t seem to get Accident Kills.