New Weapons

I’m not sure I’m using the EMP Charge as intended in the User Manual… :wink:

Somewhere in here should be an ironic statement about exploiting people’s never-ending desire for just pocketing shiny new gadgets they don’t understand leading to their personal ruin… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been waiting for find a thread like this! I have quite a few ideas for potential weapons so bare with me:

Water Balloon: Can be thrown to make a puddle of water for electrocution

Molotov: Can be thrown to create a temporary puddle of flaming liquor

Handheld Taser: Can knock out NPCs from a short distance. Has a higher ammo capacity than the Kalmer-1 but has half as much range

Remote Panic Distraction: When triggered, plays an explosion or gunshot sound. This causes NPCs to panic and search the area. It’s also capable of triggering lockdowns or causing targets to flee

Wine Bottle: Used as a non-lethal melee or thrown item. Breaks after 1 use. Can be placed anywhere and will lure NPCs to drink it

Knife Ring: Non-suspicious lethal melee weapon. Kills guards during hand-to-hand combat

Remote Emetic Explosive: When triggered, explodes with the range of a normal explosive. Non-lethal, but anyone effected by the blast will look for places to…you know

Decoy Gun: Can be placed or thrown. Any guards who see it will think it’s real and return it to a gun case. Useful if you want to get rid of enforcers

Gas Grenade: Explodes 2 seconds after hitting the ground. Releases a sedative gas that lingers for 30 seconds. 47 will die if he walks into the gas cloud

Chewing Gum: Based off of the leaked items during a stream. Can be placed anywhere and will entice NPCs to eat it. Comes in Sedative Strawberry, Vomit-Inducing Vanilla, and Lethal Lemon!

Eiffel Tower Souvenir/Eiffel Tower Knife: Another leaked item. Concealable knife or baton re-skin

Disguise Bag: When held, dropped disguises can be picked up and carried around with you. Can 2 disguises at a time

ICA-19 Pinpoint: Standard-issue ICA pistol equipped with laser-pointer for accurate headshot potential

Kalmer-1 Toxic: Works like a dart gun but triggers nausea

Jaeger-7 Bloodhound: Unsilenced sniper that has 5x magnification

Devil Dust: Plant powder that can be aimed and blown at NPCs. When blown at enforcers, removes their suspicion of you. When blown at guards, causes them to drop their weapons and become harmless. Only has one use. (This is based off a real plant btw)

Agency Tanto Knife: Same as the one from Absolution

Radio: Just like the ones found in-game. Can be placed or thrown, and when turned on creates an audio distraction with a decently long range

Black Egg: Can be thrown at an NPC to blind them for 20 seconds

Also here are some in-game items that I think should be permanent unlocks:

Car Bomb
Gold Shashka
Beak Axe
Letterbomb Parcel
Cocaine Brick
Battle Axe
Hackl Covert
Bloodstained Cocaine Brick
Aztec Necklace
Circumcision Knife
Android Arm
Blueberry Muffins

And that’s it! Only a few suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue:


5mm or any kind of short weapon has no business being silenced.

Fight me

Well… rather than nerf the Custom 5mm, would rather we get a new gun in the shape of a lady’s derringer that works as a “Pocket Striker”.

The muffin for me has to become a permanent unlock at some stage, I loved it as part of the promo

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Proximity Taser trick I learned for this kill:

I believe this can be done with every Water Tank-like object in the game such as Water Dispensers and Aquariums, turning them into self-contained death traps at the push of a button! :skull:

unlock the vodka bottle from the final test as non-lethal throwable weapon: works as a puddle for electrocution and also flameable.
…not sure if this would be op (?)


Probably would. Just like carrying remote breaching charges with fire extinguishers or propane flask in H1. You can bring the bottle with car battery anywhere to make that accident kill. Still, great idea!

Or to balance out how OP it is, you could make it an unlock from an obscure challenge that >0.5% of players unlocked (i.e. Sacrificial Knife)

Honestly I think a 5mm with the attributes of a Striker would be a major downgrade for the 5mm. I mean sure it has increased power and knockback but unless it’s non-silenced then what’s the point in taking it over the 5mm?

My whole thing with the 5mm is realism. Not every Hitman fan is about that life though

Personally I found Hitman’s weapons to be a mix of realism and total batshit craziness. Name one other game where you can carry a Spas-12 and a starfish in the same inventory.


Lol very true.

I wish we had an aa12 or some full auto shotty

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Do they wake up after a while?

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Have yet to try waiting. But if there is an expiration it must be really long…

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  • Fart Spray: makes npcs (except enforcers and targets) leave the room or area.
  • Brass Knuckles: even faster knockouts as with the poolball. non-throwable, illegal item.
  • Vaporizer: works like a smoke-grenade.
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Brass knuckles could be a good idea, because almost every non-lethal melee is throwable. And the fastest knockout makes it balanced. Issue is that they never appeared in previous games and they don’t fit 47 style

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An electric baton or an extendable one which actually has an extending animation would be cool. Some different animations when using too would also be great.

So the new Winter Update is out!

I’m a big fan of the theme of the weapons, being a huge fan of the winter season myself. The snowball is a really fun idea and could be a good substitute for the crystal ball (though I’m not sure why you’d want it to be), the piton sounds like a good idea for a lethal melee weapon, I’m a tiny bit disappointed by the quickdraw, as I feel that IO is going a bit crazy with the fiber wire reskins so far but it still is a cool looking weapon, and I absolutely love the look of the tool box.

Now that I shared my opinions, what do you guys think?

The quickdraw is a fibre wire reskin? I thought it was something gun relayed like a holster. You got a video of it in action?