New Weapons


Whoops😂 I did not realize


There should be a way to remove or hide items in your inventory (I mean all the unlocks). I really don’t need a stupid MK II variant of a weapon or item when I already unlocked the original. Makes my inventory looks messy and it’s confusing.


Yeah, I hate them. (20 pink stickers)


I shot the dart gun from about 10 meters away, and it didnt do anything :thinking:


yeah it has drop off. i think that’s what the crosshair tries to convey


I get that not everyone can be like Rockstar in the animation department, but I really wish they’d have copied Max Payne 3 with how larger weapons are handled.

They even did this back in the other games pre-Absolution, just have 47 hold it in his left hand.



I like the new throwing mechanic. Its fun throwing bombs and grenades at people


How about the briefarang. lol


Anyone tried out the tripwire?


yes. it detonates the instant someone steps on it, pretty fun


So I confirm the following:

ICA Micro Remote Explosive
-Illegal Item
-NPC’s ignore it.
-The explosion is pretty weak. Seems to almost always KO the victim rather than kill them.
-Works with the Briefcase Bomb trick where it then becomes a Remote Detonated Luring KO Bomb that attracts NPC’s!

ICA Proximity Explosive
-Illegal Item
-Works just like it did in H2016
-Works with the Briefcase Bomb trick and it becomes a Luring Proximity Bomb that attracts any NPC.

ICA Proximity Taser
-Illegal Item
-Sticks to walls or can be thrown
-Emits two electric sparks when anyone approaches it after it arms.
-Would normally be harmless unless placed near (not necessarily inside) a puddle of water.
-Ignites leaking Gas at a surprisingly good radius, guaranteeing an Accident Explosion Kill since it normally has no effect on Targets and NPC’s. :skull_and_crossbones:
-Unfortunately this item does not work with the Briefcase Bomb trick, but perhaps a remotely detonated version would work. :wink:

Nightcall - First impressions

I was thinking why can’t 47 carry a small drone in his briefcase…equipped with sleeping darts, taser darts (electrocution in water puddles), poison gas, camera mode to find files and hidden doorways, and emp… but can only have one as selection on any given mission (but can refill ammo if you find it in the level you are in, every item has a different location unlock…(ex) taser dart in basement, sleeping dart in garage…items never in same location)…and all drone items and drone noise levels has to be unlocked through gameplay on mastery levels…make the fly mode like splintercell blacklist (first person, or 3rd person overhead view).


What is the trip mine explosive? You are awarded it after completing silent assassin with an escalation contract.


you can scroll up a bit and find out


Does the tripwire mine considered an accident kill or is it just just a proximity explosive?


Not sure if you guys know that, but when you put the fish you can unlock on a plate (via prompt), it turns to sushi which you can poison.

How to unlock the Himmapan Horror challenge?

You can do this anywhere with a fish and lethal poison jar, not just in Hokkaido sushi bar?


Seems so yes. 20202020


Does a plate and disposable chopsticks magically appear accompanying the poisoned sushi?