New Weapons


Can you make a video of this? Do you need a plate or other container to do this?


I found it out in Another Life where you can present the guy who sells the house muffins. Instead of putting a muffin on the plate, you can place the fish.


Now I wish it was a Fugu Fish melee weapon. Hahaha


Does he still eat it?:joy:


I wonder if Silvio Caruso can be made to eat sushi…

Or maybe it only works with bars/stands from which 47 can do an “offer food” action.


Did not try but should be. I think any plate where you can place food by prompt works. Doesn’t need to be a stand you Blend In. And any bypassing NPC would take the meal, which means in theory every NPC can be killed with consuming poison.


Continuing my study of the Explosives I think @Accidental-kills98 is right. If the Explosion radius from a Non-Accidental source touches the victim it takes precedence as the source of the kill. This makes Accident Explosions using the “full-sized” bombs quite tricky now compared to before.

But it is here where the Micro Bombs can shine because their explosive radius is smaller and more manageable.

Even the Micro Explosives though can be lethal at around 1 meter or so. Caution must be taken to protect that rating, lads. :slight_smile:

But as you can see… you can be quite aggressive with the use of the ICA Remote Micro Bomb that you get from Miami. :slight_smile:


I wonder how the pen is going to work explosion wise


Well I don’t mean to brag but…


One question. If I have all the weapons of season 1 unlocked and then I buy Hitman 2 + Legacy pack on season 1, then I lose everything I unlocked and have to start from scratch?


The weapons that you unlocked in Hitman 2016 are still in Hitman 2016, even when you buy and install Hitman 2018. You will lose nothing in Hitman 2016.


In HITMAN 2, however, the Legacy S1 map Unlockables start over.


a improvement… lol,
I like throwing the briefcase at people face.


To bad the hammer is not kill weapon like in Blood Money.
I liked cracking guards skulls and killing my targets
One thing that buggs me in new hitman 2
In Miami, the hammer in garage is the wrong type of hammer.
It should be ball peen hammer
search mechanic ball peen hammer.
I am automotive technician/mechanic
the one in game is the claw hammer, a carpenters hammer.
In mechanic box there are alot items that could be used kill people
2in box wrench, maybe drift punch.
Somethimes I wish I was 47, so kill my annoying coworkers… bwahaha, lol it joke.
I remember in newspaper clippings:
pycho goes in killing spree kills 23 with hammer

When they added the car battery lol lol
Not realistic if throw in poodle in real life lol but still funny.
Maybe add a rim and bludgeoned your target…
the car lift was very funny, but no possible could happen.


Only that you have to unlock everything again!


In Mumbai you can unlock some strange gadget that interferes with electronic devices. I planted it on Dalia’s computer to test it, detonated it, and nothing happened.

Ah, EMP Charge. Has anyone got ideas on how to use it.


it opens keycard doors, disables cameras, and effects electrical switches


This Chloroform bottle grenade thing is awesome!

Any Ideas for Making the Fiber Wire more Useful?

Setting up Explosion Accident using ICA Proxy Taser:

Note that in HITMAN 2, throwing a Gas Tank causes it to leak (no need to shoot it anymore). 47 then closes the Gas Tank valve when picking it up. You can then cause the Gas Tank to leak again by throwing it. If you Place the Gas Tank down it does not leak.


Ooooh. Thanks! So a bit for flexible than breaching charges.