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Yeah in light of perceived nerfs against the breaching charge, I think what IOI have really done is reduce it (you literally now get only 1 BC per loadout) and then changed some physics properties, shrunk the BC’s explosive radius down…but at the same time, with the introduction of the briefcase, micro bombs, EMP devices… IOI have sort of spread out what used to require just the H2016 BC to other things with more specific functions to add variety.

I am close to unlocking the H2 Breaching Charge btw. So that will be the next item I will test . :slight_smile:


… but does it ignite leaking gas?.. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not in Hitman 2016.



Additional info on the Proximity Taser, if you throw it at the feet of an NPC standing in or even just walking through a puddle the Taser appears to fire instantly.

The taser only has to land near the water with the victim in the puddle for a successful electrocution.

As long as you weren’t spotted throwing it, it counts as an instant accident. :wink:


OK so I unlocked the H2 BC.

As far as I can tell the biggest difference between the old BC and this new one is that this new one is actually Non-Lethal. You can’t make a mistake with it anymore and blow yourself up (Unless you planted it on a door and plastered yourself on top of it when the doors exploded - I think it’s the doors exploding that actually kills you). It’s still capable of Blowing up Non-Leaking Propane Tanks and it still opens all doors except maybe the ones in Hokkaido.

Also while fooling around with it I managed to launch my briefcase high into the air with it, so perhaps the whole ICA Space Programme thing still works?

Oh and it works as a Non-Lethal Briefcase Explosive. :slight_smile: (EDIT: This is actually innacurate, if NPC’s pick up a BC Briefcase Bomb and the BC is triggered the NPC will be killed by a very tiny explosion).

This and the ICA Taser and the Remote Micro Bomb especially will be my go-to items. :slight_smile:


I can not understand the decision
reduce breaching charges to one. :rage:


Well, they were almost certainly the single strongest loadout item in the game. I think it’s fine for them to decide to nerf, say, the three strongest items just to shake things up and force new strats. And they probably thought that locked doors were becoming trivialized and they wanted to make them matter a bit more.

On the other hand, the reason they were so powerful is that they were such great utility items; nerfing them ends up reducing the possibilities that players have available. Usually in games, you want to nerf the items that are so powerful that they force everyone competitive to use them, and so they limit potential strats. BCs did just the opposite: they opened up possibilities.


OP recommended I share my opinion on the new tranquilizer here:

Anyone else disappointed by the tranquilizer pistol in Hitman 2? After unlocking the Kalmer 1 (mastercrafted tranquilizer unlock in Whittleton Creek), I had hoped it could serve as my primary handgun when going for silent assassin.

Except it only comes with 2 rounds!

I understand it should have a low ammo count similar to the Krugermeier (even though picking up a guard’s handgun would solve your ammo problem). I’d accept an ammo cap of 5 to 10 rounds, but 2 is too little. The gun is functionally worthless as a result. In practice, 2 tranquilizer darts is the equivalent of carrying two blunt objects. Agent 47 can carry an infinite number of objects to throw at people’s heads, so why can’t he start with more than 2 tranquilizer darts?

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is a bug that affects tranquilizer ammo. If you reload a save during a mission, any spare tranquilizer ammo disappears. That leaves us with 1 tranquilizer dart to play with. Completely cripples the gun.

Maybe if the Kalmer was a gadget, I’d be fine with the ridiculous low ammo count. However, it takes the place of a sidearm during mission planning. It should at least carry the same amount of ammo as the Custom 5mm.

Original post and thread for the tranquilizer gun can be found here: Tranquilizer Pistols: Buggy & Too Few Rounds


ICA Remote Micro Explosive Briefcase Bomb Trick.

Note: The explosion is lethal but small and relatively silent in spite how loud it seems.

The unnerfed BC’s (which were lethal small explosives before) would have been able to gain the same capability. In fact, because normally the maximum number of briefcases is 2 (yours and a single Agency Pickup) with the old 2 Lethal BC’s you can do this trick twice and it’s GG for almost any two Targets. Just a thought.

As it is, for the BC-Briefcase Bomb to be lethal you would have to ignite it near Propane Tanks. But that means you can either arrange it as a “Luring Accident” or as a two-part Accident trap where a Target picks up the BC-Briefcase and you have a Propane tank in his/her path. Either would work very well actually such that you can be in the clear when the Accident happens.

Also note that once you have separated a device from its detonator with the Briefcase Bomb trick you can pick up the briefcase again and the detonator will remain separate so you can throw the briefcase and such to setup the trap. :slight_smile:


Agreed, 2 ammo doesn’t give much usage for people trying to enjoy the game their way. Could do with an option to at least use another slot or the smuggle slot to take in some extra ammo


I tried to see if the taser would kill somebody when in the puddle caused by an overflowing sink, but it doesn’t seem to, unless they pick it up. So it seems to be mostly useful for killing guards or targets who are in (maybe near?) an actual body of water.


Not true…

Tasers will kill even if just near a puddle of water as long as a victim is standing IN the puddle of water.
Note that in the Gas Accident video, Dalia isn’t anywhere near picking up the Taser when it fires and ignites the leaking Gas.

I also tested the Taser in Night Call and it was possible to trigger the electrocution if anyone, including 47, was standing within around… 1 to 2 feet of the taser. I’ll try to make a video to demonstrate. :slight_smile:



So… here it is… “How To Taser?”. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Bonus Clip!


Additional viewing:


Just had an idea. Someone try this!

You know how the briefcase flies after throwing it at an NPC? Put an explosive in it. Throw at a moving NPC. While in flight, go to your inventory, select the explosive detonator, and detonate mid-flight. Report back here, preferably with a video. :grinning:


Do breaching charges release winches?


I think they still do. I mean, they are still strong enough to destroy intact Propane Tanks. :wink:


Has anyone played around with the RFID proximity explosive yet?


A little; effectively it operates as a coin activated explosive; it explodes when the RFID coin gets within a certain radius. I’m having a little difficulty figuring out cases where it is particularly useful.


All I can think of is causing an explosion where other NPCs walk by and you want it to trigger only at one NPC. Nothing a remote explosive could do but we will see if it ever turns out being useful.