New Weapons


If a guard picks up the bomb to take to a depot, does he disarm it, or will it still explode if near the coin? I can imagine some neat stuff being done if both the bomb and the coin are portable by NPCs. (Although it probably could all be done with a remote bomb in a briefcase. As long as instinct exists, proximity based bombs will always be kind of useless.)


it still explodes when being carried by the guard.


W00t! W00t! Just discovered the BC is still Lethal but only to NPC’s and not 47! :slight_smile:

This now makes it the best Briefcase Bomb ever! :smile:


Alma -only one target in Hitmam who turn on and off the lights in all house!


And the only person to run to the ocean.


I confirm the Remote Taser works with the Briefcase Trick. When using the Remote Taser in a Briefcase to ignite leaking gas, both the taser and the Briefcase emerge unscathed though the Taser is useless after except maybe as a thrown lure.


Does the Remote Taser count as an Accident Kill if someone just gets tazed without water being present (i.e. they pick it up and you hit the remote switch)?


By itself the taser is harmless. At least this is true of the Proximity version. Have yet to try the Remote Version when it is picked up.

Otherwise, a taser always needs to be combined with either leaking gas or leaking water.

I suspect leaking oil works too.

Because it is harmless any combo would count as an Accident Kill.

N.B.: If it works as an electrocution kill at extremely close range then an Electrocuting Briefcase could be the deadliest gadget combo in the game. :sunglasses:

But I have tried planting 47 flat against the proxy taser and nothing happened.


Awesome, thanks - really appreciate you methodically testing out a lot of the new mechanics and analytically breaking them down to save everyone else the legwork. :+1:

As we know that IOI read these forums and often make changes to Hitman based on what they glean from us on here, I’d like to say that I am definitely not looking at various portable accident options due to a Sheffield-born actor’s upcoming appearance in an interactive entertainment medium, and therefore there is no need for IOI to edit anything in game for the next 2 weeks which would make setting up portable accidents any more challenging to successfully pull off.


What I like so far is the idea that you usually need a Briefcase + 2 item combo to build a portable accident with a disguised lure making each kill a sort of Mini-Opportunity. :slight_smile:


this isn’t true, it electrocutes whoever holds it


But by default an NPC will call a guard to pick it up yes?

If so, and we want a Civilian NPC to be lured to it then this merits a test with the briefcase… :slight_smile:

Would be cool if conductivity was a special ability of the metal travel briefcase (though that one is made of aluminum). :wink:


Aluminium is not that worse compared to copper. Would be realistic. More realistic than most of the electrocution kills ingame. :joy:


Perhaps covering it in unsightly airport stickers was meant to try and make people underestimate its usefulness. :slight_smile:
But not for me… I actually love it that it’s covered with stickers from the H2016 locations. I’m a sucker for items with a sense of history. :slight_smile:


Would people not get electrocuted if they step on an exposed wire in real life? I don’t know much about it.


How about…

  1. Toss the RFID coin at the Target.
  2. Target picks it up and pockets it. (?)
  3. Put the RFID Explosive in a Briefcase.
  4. Leave the rigged Briefcase somewhere where the Target carrying the RFID coin will see it.
  5. KABOOM!. :slight_smile:

You’d have to put Step 3 ahead of Step 1 though if it is required to separate the RFID coin from the Explosive.


It depends.
In Hitman usually there is a puddle with live wires in it. The current would flow through the water from one wire to the other because that is the shortest way through conducting matter. To make it lethal you would have to make sure current flows through the target’s body. A realistic way would be sabotaging a machine’s casing so the targets touches it and the current flows to another, previously from the chassis isolated surface that is also connected to a wire. Maybe another metal part the target has to touch at the same time.

Way too complicated so a broken car battery in a puddle does it. Joy:


Oh, I see what you mean! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Ok. Did more tests with both Tasers.

Remote Taser Without Briefcase:
-Guards are called to pick it up if spotted.
-Press the Detonator for Accident NTK on the Guard.
-You can detonate it unsighted to ignite gas or electrocute water puddle.

Proximity Taser Without Briefcase:
-Guards are called to pick it up if sighted.
-Fires once as Guard approaches. Fires a second time with the Guard holding it for Electrocution NTK.
-You can place it where it won’t be sighted to ignite gas or electrocute puddle.

Remote Taser with Briefcase:
-Civilian NPC’s and Guards are lured to it.
-No Electrocution Kill possible by itself anymore. (You press the button and nothing happens)
-Can still ignite Leaking Gas or electrocute Puddle when detonator is pressed even if NPC has lifted the Briefcase above water.

Proximity Taser with Briefcase:
-Civilians and Guards are lured to it.
-Does not fire at all (like its proximity sensor can’t see outside the briefcase)


RFID Explosive sounds neat at first. When planted or placed in Briefcase you separate the Explosive from a special coin with an RFID Code on it.

You can place either the RFID Coin or the RFID Bomb in a Briefcase and plant it, throw it. 47 can never trigger the explosive himself so it is mostly safe.

So the idea is to plant the RFID Explosive or hide in a briefcase, make a Target pick up the coin and therefore only they can blow themselves up right?

The problem is that HITMAN 2 implements a more paranoid Target logic against thrown lures. Targets now almost always command someone else to pick it up. Even two Targets tend to pass the buck to each other! This means using the RFID Coin against a Target is very risky as it can easily end up in the pocket of a guard instead.

As it is, it can be useful, but is considerably harder to setup than BC Explosions or Remote Taser Accidents.