New Weapons


Wouldn’t it be awesome if thrown soda cans now created a puddle of electrifiable liquid on the floor that you could combo with proximity/remote tazers for accident kills?


I’d prefer a Spill Liquid Action. :slight_smile:


Yep, that would be good too. Probably best if the puddle was fairly small so you had to be precise when ‘placing’ it in order to successfully catch your intended victim in the electrocution radius (with bigger puddles for fixed water sources like hoses/water dispensers etc), but inclusion of this kind of a feature with soda cans would create exciting new possibilities.


Targets are much more likely to pick up a coin themselves if they see it on the floor as opposed to hearing it thrown, FYI.

Some info I’ve determined just playing around with new stuff:


  • Throwing a grenade is an illegal action. Who would’ve thought? Surprisingly though, people have to be quite close to you to become suspicious of it.
  • Grenades are on a timer, but they’ll only go off when in contact with the ground. Arc a grenade as high as you can and it won’t explode until it lands, no matter how long that takes.


  • No one seems to be able to notice anything while flashed. I flashed three people who were all looking at each other and shot them in the face and none of them noticed the kills or found any bodies.
  • A single sound boundary appears to disguise the sound of the flash. Throw it into the evidence recorder room next to where Francesca starts and she and her guards don’t hear it go off, for example.
  • After being flashed, NPCs go into panic routines. You’d kind of expect that, but I just felt it should be noted.


  • The single sound boundary thing applies to concussion blasts just like with flash blasts. This makes them quieter than regular explosions (which can be heard through up to two sound boundaries).
  • Concussion blasts can open doors, set off propane, destroy cameras and evidence recorders, and just generally do a lot of things regular explosives can do with less sound and less risk to NPCs. Most of these things are things Breaching Charges can also do, but it’s worth noting.
  • An NPC holding the Concussion Duck can be dunked into water by the detonation if they’re close enough, but how high and far they launch seems a bit random. The good thing is that they do appear to roughly bounce forward, so people on the edges of piers and such are potentially dunkable. Obviously if anyone hears the blast they might see the person before they hit the water and find the body, but in certain places it does work well for accidents, like the two guys on the far pier in Sapienza. You might also be able to launch bodies off high areas into lower ones on maps like Sgail, though how useful this would be I don’t know.
  • Concussion devices inside briefcases carried by NPCs launch NPCs away from the briefcase, which means they generally get blasted to their left. They don’t seem to get flung very far however.


  • Tasers are a free accident kill on guards who try to disarm them. This is useless in main missions but in Contracts Mode there are plenty of times where there are guard targets and this is a trivial way to kill one of them without risk.
  • Free-standing sinks like the ones in Sapienza can have Proximity Tasers hidden on the base in such a way that civilian NPCs cannot see them until they’re electrocuted in the puddle. I’m not sure if there are similar concealable placements for other sinks, but it’s possible for at least some of them.


  • EMP can do basically everything a Breaching Charge can do with respect to disabling things like generators, fuseboxes, and radios, but unlike the BC it does not destroy them. NPCs stop responding to a distraction after it’s been checked once if the distraction has been destroyed, but will keep responding to one if it’s just disabled. Could be useful for multi-luring.
  • EMP does short out card key readers and thus open card key doors. Unlike the BC it leaves the doors intact so that you can close them again; it basically turns the door into an unlocked door.
  • EMP, more interestingly, can toggle things. If placed on a radio that’s off, activating the EMP will turn the radio on. This is something that explosives cannot do and would allow for ranged radio lures. Unfortunately it seems to be a bit inconsistent with generators; it works fine on the one outside Franco’s machine building in Colombia, but didn’t work at all on the pit generators in Miami. It seems to work quite consistently on fuseboxes and radios though.
  • The EMP pulse is harmless but a few seconds after pulsing the EMP device shorts out with sparks. This does set off gas and electrify puddles. Using it intentionally for this is pointless compared to using a Remote Taser, but it’s worth noting that it could accidentally cause damage when you didn’t intend for it to.
  • EMPs can kill cameras, but have to be ludicrously close to them to do so.


  • The RFID Explosive cannot be disarmed. If a guard finds it and picks it up, then walks it too close to the coin, it will explode.
  • The best use case for this that I can think of is having one NPC find a coin and the other NPC find the explosive and have them meet up somewhere quiet and explode each other. No idea when this could possibly happen.


  • Legacy Pack civilians will often ignore briefcases. This is presumably a bug.
  • All briefcases can store all large items, but briefcases in your starting loadout cannot contain certain items such as large melee weapons from the planning screen. You can smuggle one in and immediately place it in a briefcase though, so why you can’t start with a Broadsword when you can with a sniper rifle is unclear.
  • Audio distractions can be concealed in briefcases but cannot be used that way. Not really a big deal because the Micro Audio Distraction and Exploding Phone exist, but worth noting.


  • Not new but their behavior is new. Just a few observations.
  • Coins appear to be weightier and bounce less. Sometimes they can even get stuck on the wall or in places where they cannot be retrieved.
  • NPCs will not respond to dropped coins other than to tell you not to drop things. However, they will take interest in coins placed in front of them, even if they see you do it.
  • NPCs will follow coin chains that they see on the floor. It’s a little inconsistent but it does work and can make someone move farther than one normally expects. Sometimes they pick up each coin in sequence, sometimes they get distracted by the next shiny thing and just leave the old ones behind.
  • When an NPC is investigating the sound of a coin, they can be chain-lured by another coin throw while they still have the ? over their heads. Non-coin distractions seem to work a bit differently than this now.


  • Pre-dropping Napoleon no longer appears to work, e.g. dropping him and then opening a door, causing someone to hear him and investigate. Audio lures in general seem to have no persistence and must be heard going off to be heard at all sometimes.


lmao ok


I know it’s not a new gadget, but has anyone ever found a use for the sedative pill?


Awesome list, Nakar.

I wasn’t able to put the in-level Hokkaido baseball bat into my briefcase, so this might be inconsistent.


It’s possible it may only work with items that can be smuggled. The Broadsword can definitely be smuggled around in any briefcase, but other large melee may not. If so this is an inconsistency that should be addressed one way or the other.


If you broke the recording station in Another Life previously, you can KO the whole crew in Cassidy’s house by pouring it into the air system next to the house. I am not sure if that fixes the “Body Found” though, I just assume the camera system is the reason why I had it triggered.


It isn’t; I’ve taken out the recorder before gassing the house and it doesn’t matter. I think if characters are looking at other characters who get sedated it counts as them finding the body right before they also pass out.


The problem is that if you have been tracking my Briefcase Bomb Tricks series on this thread… if you could get into a position to plant an RFID Coin for a Target to pick up… they would still need to make their way to part 2 of the trap.

And once it completes it’s a Medium Scale Explosive Non-Accident Kill in all likelihood.

Whereas in the very same position you could setup:

  1. Breaching Charge Briefcase Bomb + Propane Tank Accident
    1.5) Breaching Charge Briefcase Bomb by itself (Silent killing explosive)
  2. Remote Taser Briefcase Bomb + Propane Tank Accident
  3. ICA Remote Micro Explosive Briefcase Bomb (same Non-Accident Kill) + Smaller radius explosion and sound.

And it’s just a one-step execution rather than the RFID version which can feel too elaborate.
I’m sure it can be useful for something it’s just that I think it’s too situational.

The RFID 2-part trap concept does seem similar to an idea I suggested before about two-part binary poisons which in turn was inspired by the real-life binary poison used to assassinate Kim Jong Nam:

But implemented as an explosive? The idea is robbed of much of its utility.


I’m lowkey hoping that the Rude Ruby will get buffed. So far it’s a crappy gun that’s not worth the grind to get full mastery on Whittleton Creek.


Between that and the tranquilizer gun holding only 2 darts, Whittleton Creek’s weapon unlocks seem to be a little useless.


Playing right now and I’ve got to give it up once again for the briefcase. No other game character I can think of that I’ve ever known of can get away with carrying their stuff around in a breifcase like this , its so unique to 47’s style


Does the timer start on impact or at throw?


I actually stand corrected on this; the timer appears to be absolute, or at least the grenade will go off on its own eventually. You just need enough height, like the main square tower in Sapienza, and you can actually airburst grenades. This still requires throwing high, however; if you throw low it’ll usually hit the ground before it goes off.

It feels like grenades go off faster upon hitting the ground though, so there might be a secondary timer that auto-detonates in midair if there’s been no impact yet, perhaps?


Which leads us to the Explosive Pen that we get for ET No. 1.

It’s essentially a “micro frag grenade” in that it is never illegal and even if you kill something with it outright due to the explosion you’re not suspected immediately.

Everything stated above about grenades applies to the pen and its best use would be as a “must go off” phantom grenade.

Great for causing loud diversions, triggering lockdowns, and I guess it can also double as a suspicion free battering ram and security system destroyer in certain cases.

When thrown at an NPC it works like a knife. But where IOI appear to have missed a trick here is that in spite the description saying how sharp it is 47 cannot stab with it for melee kills.

Because it will probably blow up soon after… :stuck_out_tongue:


Dunno but I rather not want to stab someone with an item that explodes on impact.


doesn’t it have a timer? it could be like hitting ppl with a mine in Absolution


It does but can you drop it and get away in time if you could?