New Weapons


i think so. i think it would be fun


Dropping it doesn’t activate the timer. And putting it in a briefcase renders it inert.


Yes about the same as the frag grenade. Same explosion too.


So… I unlocked the Remote EMP Charge!

What does it do?

  1. It wall-bangs at a pretty good distance to kill Security Camera Recorders as well as Cameras themselves.
  2. You can use it to switch off TV’s and do other types of Electronic Distractions.
  3. The spark at the end of its detonation sequence ignites leaking Propane Gas and Electrocutes over Water!

Also, this device works with the Briefcase Trick. So you can plant it in a briefcase and let security guards carry it while you watch from afar. If they go anywhere near a Security Recorder you can kill it remotely. :slight_smile:

Also when used as a Briefcase Bomb to ignite Leaking Gas, the Briefcase survives the explosion just like with the ICA Tasers. :slight_smile:

VERY useful item. :slight_smile:


I made Zaydan pick it up and used it to burn both him and Strandberg in the tunnels!

really good stuff, just wish the range was extended a bit because as of now it can’t be used in a briefcase to destroy the recorder in the security room


That’s weird… planting it in a briefcase on the outside of Alma Reynard’s panic room wallbang-destroys the Security Recorder.
So I think it can work. But it seems like the range is maybe a bit smaller, or about the same, as the Breaching Charge.


I didn’t specify, I meant Bangkok, sorry

the briefcase goes nowhere near as close as it needs to, meaning Bangkok cameras are STILL a nightmare


Bangkok is something of a special case. If you can get near enough to plant the briefcase bomb, you might as well have just shot the recorder. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can sort of commit to planting the EMP Briefcase and then allowing a guard to walk it near the Recorder. But as I have found out, unless you have an Agency Pick-Up unlocked this is a massive commitment in your loadout.

But if that’s not an issue, there is also opening the Bangkok Security Room door and tossing your EMP Briefcase inside and just detonating it.


I’m a bit confused on how the car battery works. I know that shooting it, or simply throwing it, will ensure that is starts sparkling. Putting it in a puddle of water in that state will electrify the water. But for how long? And does it work the other way around (putting water on a sparkly car battery?).
The reason I ask is that I tried electrocuting Nolan Cassidy when he’s considering to go to the barbecue.
I shoot the car battery in his garage.
I pick it up.
I cross the street and put it next to the fire hydrant. The battery still sparkles.
I cross the street again. I shoot the fire hydrant. Nolan hoes to fix it but doesn’t get electrocuted. The car battery stopped sparkling and can’t be activated again. It can’t even be picked up anymore.
Also, when is throwing the car battery suspicious and when is it not?


Water first, then the battery.

When a npc sees you throw it


Thanks! And does the battery keep on sparkling forever (until an NPC walk by of course) as long as you have the water first and then put the battery in it? Or is there a time limit?


Forever and ever and ever


Also note hydrants may be buggy currently.


Also this is bugged. Seems like the water puddle is too thin or like half of it is covered by pavement or grass object… you have to be lucky to get electrocution that way.

I reported it as a bug.


The hydrant puddles either don’t work or disappear somehow, so the issue is probably the puddle and not the battery. Car batteries work just fine in the various puddles of Mumbai for example.


The feature where you can make sushi from the fish unlockable never had a use for me. It seemed like nobody I tested it on wanted to try it.


The Remote Taser is 100% LETHAL what the heck!


They are lethal irl.


I’ve come to like the dart gun quite a bit, it’s a completely silent takedown.

Very useful on guard teams of two on Master difficulty, its a shame about the save glitch and limited ammo.


Can somebody show me an ingame picture of the emp? I’m not sure I came across anything like that, and I own almost all items now, except the damn gold coins from bangkok, but I can’t remember any emp remote?