New Weapons



In the inventory screen its sprite is a Breaching Charge instead of its own shape, but it has a distinct appearance in the loadout menu and in-game.


Ok… So I figured that the Explosive Pen’s explosion throws victims upward and backwards relative to the direction the pen landed on the victim’s head, mostly because the victims should fall forwards from your throwing vector.

This makes the explosive one of the best for fulfilling Kill-and-Hide strategies from balconies and the like. For example, on Hokkaido you can throw it at Yuki Yamazaki from the side after meeting her as the director so she dies and is immediately thrown out of the map by the explosion before anyone sees her.

It also works perfectly for characters walking back away from a balcony as you can then throw the E-Pen at them with your back directly facing an Out-Of-Bounds or other inaccessible area beyond the balcony.


About the Exploding Pen:

Great gadget overall, but i wish we could stab people with it (like a knife) and run way before they explode. Unfortunately, it’s throwable only :confused:


this made me very happy. thanks Travis :^)


so when are we getting this?? (Emil Skriver on Artstation)

the new update better have this


Hope these will be called “Shuriken MKII”. You know, starting to give a proper reskin to unlockables rather than a pink sticker with a big white number 2 on it.


it’s actually named the “Halloween shuriken”, but we didn’t get it for Halloween, so… :thinking:


Just pretend it is a Mark II shuriken. I thought it was a Batarang to celebrate the WB partnership.


Could never be a batarang because this one is used to kill and modern Batman never kills nor his gadget.


Well then it is a Hitmanarang!:joy: Also his no kill rule has killed more people than Stalin by this point.


And that’s why I never liked this hero again. My new hero is 47. After all, he is always defeating evil elite clubs and preventing world chaos. :bear::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was hoping they were a proper WB tie-in…

Waynetech Shuriken. :wink:


The Batman in BVS (ie: Post Death of Robin, Post Normal Crime-Fighting Career) kills a lot of baddies.
And I liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who wouldn’t like finally watching some common sense.


Yeah I don’t think he should liquidate random grunts Like Batman VEE Superman I just think he should necksnap the Joker.


Perhaps it could be a reward for the Vampire Magician challenge pack.

Since Paris is apparently going to be temporally made free for the holidays, maybe the challenge pack will be reintroduced. In H1, it was the only challenge pack without a proper reward.

Since this shuriken looks like a bat it would make sense to include it as a reward for it


Well BVS was, I feel, a successful exploration of what would happen if Batman finally made “the decision none of us can” that was alluded to in TDK, except that time the decision was “To Endure”. The BVS incarnation of Batman is more like the Batman who regrets everything and unlike in TDKR, this is Batman if he never retired and just kept on fighting and getting more and more inhuman as the years passed and his allies became fewer (and one of them dead).

This is why in JUSTICE LEAGUE when Ben Affleck’s Batman says he needs Superman to come back because “He’s a much better human being than me”… it makes sense.

Batman was a very good foundation for what became the DCEU.


Yeah well as someone who hates Frank Miller’s Batman I didn’t like it. He is just a grumpy old man in a cave who frowns a lot and has the investigative skills of a NewsCorp journalist


Ah… well Frank Miller’s work was indeed an influence, sorry, people gotta choose a direction.
Just ask Tim Miller, Jim Fowler, and SEGA. lol…