New Weapons


Well they should have picked Scot Snyder or Grant Morrison. Those are better directions than the man who once had Batman pimp-slap Robin and call him retarded.


One day… what’s interesting about this run of Batman films since 1989, and their connection to Frank Miller is that it is because for the longest time there was a very large group of “core Batman fans” who were angry at the campy/comedy Adam West Batman series.

For them that was their “HITMAN: ABSOLUTION”. They despised it. It was popular, and it all but ruled out any other depiction of Batman.

That sort of explains the popularity of Frank Miller’s work and why his work is often tapped for anything Batman film or TV related now. Just like how we’re all still wary of any attempt by HITMAN at any “personal stories”… .There’s a lot of people in and around the Batman franchise and fandom who really just want to “stick to the darkness” (ie: Frank Miller style).

Back in the 1960’s the “easy Batman portrayal” was a comedy thing with the words “POW!” and “SWOOSH!” flying across the screen.

Now the “easy Batman portrayal” is dark, darker, or various versions of angry, scowling…

But it’s only because of the backlash against Adam West, which perpetuates to this day.


Yep I am well aware of why we don’t have Batman’s like West’s and too be honest every Batman fan hates the Silver Age stories and what the CCA did to Batman.

I mean I love Morrison and his attacks on the proliferation and commercialisation of Batman and I love Scott Snyder because his Batman is dark but not a moody angry semi-disturbed sociopath. But I am really a Superman fan so I still hate BvS regardless.


I thought Justice League was a very good close-out to that arc in BVS and how they timed Superman’s return as that “best for last” guy who finally is too much for Steppenwolf - by himself.

I wasn’t a big Superman fan but even I felt it was awesome.

I know for a fact Zack Snyder was very ‘afraid’ of Superman.

He once told writers that the problems of coming up with the start of JL is all about Superman. He was like: “It’s one thing when Samuel Jackson says ‘I’m making a team’… You don’t know yet who would agree to join Nick Fury. But if Superman asks you to join? Who can say no to Superman… And then let’s say you’re a bad guy… you wanna do bad things… .here’s this new superhero group and they got Superman! Superman! What are you gonna do?”

And he was right…So considering how hard it was… All in all considered, rough edges and “evil” Batman and all… it was alright.

The hardwork is over… and now they have Aquaman… Which I think is going to be a big hit.


Well I am about the only comic book reader who hates ALL comic movies. I hate the Marvel films for blatantly missing the language of action cinema, I hate DC for its incessant focus on realism, its misuse of cinematic language and inability to stick to or understand its source material and I will hate the Valiant movies simply because they are unnecessary.


There’s Valiant comics movies?


Yes there is a Bloodshot movie in the works. The Harbinger one is in the works. Also a Dr Mirage


And Vin Diesel as Bloodshot? But I thought Bloodshot had hair?

well… ok then… :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude, you are the explosives expert man. Respect!!!

Do you have a youtube channel?


I’m hitching on my younger bro’s Steam account “Niniendowarrior” so all of my HITMAN videos are on his channel/account.



I’ll have to address the actual thread now.

New Weapons?

This is an ever expanding black hole of possibilities. I’ll list the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

Auto-Shotty: Like an AA-12. Those can be suppressed.

Full Auto Assault Rifle: Like the M4 from BM. Obviously, can be suppressed or have a wide variety of customization :wink:

Dual wield anything:

Minigun: We’ve had it before.

Rocket Launcher: Why the fuck not?

Flamethrower: Okay, I’m getting too GTA

I’m sure I’ve missed some lol. Then, on top of that, you can think of classic era guns like the Thompson 1920, any bolt-action rifles, or the MP40, Vintage Lugers, any guns from the old west, and even further, can you imagine assassinating someone with a flintlock pistol?!? I would shit my pants

And that’s only guns, not equipment.


So… New discovery for me.

The EMP Charge is not only Non-Suspicious when held, dropped (ed: throwing it is suspicious), or planted in any disguise, it is also a desired pick-up for Targets and NPC’s and even if guards pick it up they don’t disarm it.

When you press the EMP detonator it actually goes off right in their pocket! Note, however, the EMP charge is not a Taser so no electrocution (unless the EMP-carrying NPC is standing in water).

This means the EMP Charge can be used as some kind of Remote RFID Bomb, because you have to press a detonator to ignite the Gas/Water/Oil and it would only work with the Target who is carrying the EMP Charge on their person.

Note: All this on top of what the EMP Charge normally does which is disable electronics, bypass Card readers, turn off TV’s, etc.

This thing is magic! :smiley:

Expansion 1 Conspiracy Theory

Video of my EMP Charge SA/SO run of “The Source”

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

Because sparks inside the briefcase cannot ignite gas leaks outside.


Works with the Remote Taser though. The spark in the briefcase goes through to Gas/Water/Oil :slight_smile:


Nice. Learn something new everyday. Had totally given up on remote taser.


Search my earlier posts. :slight_smile: I did a LOT of Briefcase Bomb and Taser tests. :slight_smile:


I don’t remember a trip wire, how do you unlock it?


Is this an unlock or just a pick up on hawkes bay? Didn’t know you could use it that way so thanks.


Pretty sure it’s related to escalations, you have to do the last level of an escalation with a SA rating I think.

It’s not an unlock, but rather it can be found inside the van in Alma’s garage. There’s also another chloroform bottle in Sgail, in the mortician’s basement with Janus’ corpse.