New York City (Formerly The Bank) Discussion Thread [Spoilers]






This is going to be really something. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I’m wondering if this thread should have been made in 3.5 days time when IO have hopefully given us info about it in their Q&A livestream. Suppose can just update your OP after that tho

My suspicion is it will be 90% indoors, and we’ll be lucky if it has 15 mastery :frowning:

I’m sure it will be good and fun, but question is if it’ll provide the replayability all the other S1 + 2 locations (Except Hawkes Bay) have provided. I have a feeling won’t be that impressed.


Is it just me that thinks these disguises are very very similar to the ones already in existing location’s? presumably these are just concept?

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They are just placeholders I believe. That image is kinda old now.


The destructible surroundings seem to be the main selling point in IO’s eyes for this level, and something I wasn’t particularly looking for since I never go in guns blazing. The particular focus on that novelty doesn’t make me all that excited about this location. A bank also seems rather basic and colourless in terms of atmosphere There also seems to be only one target, which does raise concerns over the size of the map. Only one other map has got a single target in the latest games, and we all know how big that one is.

We didn’t get much information yet so anything is still possible. The scenery behind the target does look more promising than any other bank interior I’ve seen, so IO might surprise us yet.


There’s no reason to believe it would only have one target; the Hantu Port picture only shows one target, but we all know it has 3 main targets (and 12 secondary)


Bank mission gonna be like



Ahh I see, was kinda hoping that would be the case!

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Oh I think a bank can be plenty interesting…


@Soupienza, that’s the second time this week that you’ve referenced Heat, and therefore the second time that I have closed my eyes, smiled and nodded to myself.


Did you like BLACKHAT as well? Same director. :slight_smile:

Yeah, those robbers are great, but they’re quite far from achieving the SA rating.

Too many theatrics and poor acting in general I think. The story feels more convoluted than Hitman lore. Yet I still keep watching, about to start the Berlin episode :slight_smile:
Edit: never mind, got it all confused with The Blacklist. the protagonist also often wears a black hat, hence my confusion.
Move along now.

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Very quick aside on that topic, I actually memorised De Niro’s speech to the customers and bank employees from that movie, the whole “We’re here for the bank’s money not your money, your money is insured by the federal government you’re not gonna lose a dime” thing, and quoted the whole thing during a run through of the Bank Job in GTA Online with my crew while doing the crowd control section of the mission :joy:

My teammates did not appreciate it, but I thought it was fucking baller :joy:


The idea of a level taking place in a bank is just so exciting. After all banks are supposed to some of the most secure places in the world so the fact we are playing as 47 breaking into it to kill someone is just amazing.


I haven’t seen it mate, but Michael Mann is a top-notch director and no mistake.

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Isn’t it a movie… :thinking:

Edit: saw your edit, nvm :joy:

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My edit came too late :-p I realised my mistake. Now the world makes sense again because it seemed weird The Blacklist and HEAT would have the same director behind them.

Edit: your edit also came too late :smiley: