New York City (Formerly The Bank) Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

Yep JP Morgan Chase are also an extremely old New York bank working in the investment sector. They also have a long series of controversies including (get this) the fact that their CEO had been using the bank’s money to invest in speculative trading. That is to say he used the bank’s money to invest in high-risk ventures without permission. JPMC also have investors from America’s richest families.


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You’re pretty much dead accurate with all that. Before the US banks all gobbled each other up there was a little bank in IL called Deerfield Federal. They got bought out by NBD. NBD merged with 1st Chicago which in turn was bought out by Bank One. Bank One then merged with Chase. My dad worked for all of them. I’m surprised I didn’t notice the logo similarity sooner.


How does one do this Noir easter egg???

“I personally prefer soccer. Women’s soccer. Yeah I’m woke as shit”

:joy: Does that mean he’s a big ole perv?

Also probably inspired by this bank

Incidentally I also took inspiration from this real life story to cook up a fan bonus mission for Bangkok that also involved shady bankers with ties to clandestine organizations.

This one also had a very complex data stealing secondary objective. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please go follow the Easter Eggs thread

Just some d’ing around in MS Paint. It could be changed to ‘New York City’, but you get the idea.


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I’m that kind of people that thinks that if something is not broken and likes a lot of people, why change it?

They should keep things exactly as they are, just making the experience more deep. But i’d hate to lose the kind of aesthetics and the kind of map design IO is offering with H2016 and H2… It’s the only game that makes me want to come back constantly.

Enjoyed it but feels like a discarded level that wasn’t deep enough to put it on the game at launch. Regardless of that it was fun but I hope the new DLC has more meat.

It was fun, but I think Deus Ex: Mankind Divided spoiled me in terms of bank heist missions.


The data rack is indestructible. It would have been a cool detail if shooting or exploding it meant you’d now have to collect the 3 back up drives.


I finally got SA/SO on Master. I am not a ninja so I usually only ever try for SA/SO once. I just do it on master and then I go back to playing the way I like to. I usually get SA 1/2 the time and the other half I will kill a guard or even a non guard to make my plan work. Anyway it took me about an hour of messing around. In the end 22 minutes was the time for my run. I did save. The score screen (which I never look at) said I was like 2200 out of 3900.

Then I go look to see which challenges I have left. I have sniper assassin. This is another one that I usually get once on master then go back to my game. I start at the main entrance with a lockpick and my hardballer. I have a sniper in the briefcase and the electric key card thing hidden in the potty. I go get the rack, then I use the front entrance to shoot the target through the clock and I walk out. I’m shocked bc it tells me I’m Silent Assassin. 9min and 22 seconds. The score screen says in 622 out of 3900. If I had known it was that easy I wouldn’t have spent so long working out a route to get into her office and getting rid of the guards. Ugh :expressionless:

Here’s my SASO.

So I didn’t want to go down to the vault and take the data core. I wanted it to be more challenging.
So I had to take the 3 data disks and leave no bodies behind, all bodies must be hidden.

So I killed Athena with the award.

Subdued Mateo when he was in the security hub in the second floor. I had already knocked out the two guards in the room and one guard outside leaning on some boxes, so Mateo was all alone.
Oh and I also knocked out that annoying cokehead who ruined a few runs.

Fabian was the most difficult one. I couldn’t poison his drink because then I’d have to knock out a guard and a worker and there were no boxes near to hide them in.
I figured out that when he comes down the stairs he goes to the stock market room. There is a little storage room where you can distract him in. So I subdued two workers shredding some papers and then I waited for Fabian and did the peekaboo distraction into the storage room and subdued him.

Exit the main entrance.
And that’s it.


Is this actually possible?

But theres no key when I took a screenshot back on release day :thinking:

Im confused


The key is for box 577 with the golden idol. The key appears when you shoot all lights above the portraits except for the light above Mette’s portrait.


Aaaaahhh thank you for clarifying :blush:

Also have anybody seen this one anywhere? or was it just a cool hype thing?


It’s in her office…and you can smash her head on it :slight_smile: it’s even a challenge


Oh Thank you :smile: thats also what I thought but not been able to play in a while so thanks for answering :slight_smile: