New York City (Formerly The Bank) Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

An assassination in a bank while a robbery is going on? Absolutely not, that’d be like having an assassination at a race course while there’s a race going on.


The easy way to make the scenario in INSIDE MAN work for HITMAN is that the bank robbers are waiting for a signal that will never come unless 47 is able to don a disguise and make it happen.

The Target could be the bank chairman who is at the bank for whatever reason. The thing about Nazi Gold could be in the briefing, and is a possible indicator of additional objectives.

Another interesting variation of this is that the Target is a partner of the Bank who may want to come clean about War Crimes, and the Client wishes to shut the Target down, while 47 collects incriminating Nazi papers (in this case, triggering the robbery can help cover 47’s infiltration of the vault and subsequent escape with the papers). While this is interesting it would be controversial as we would be in the position of helping a Client execute a Nazi War Crimes cover up but it would enhance gameplay usage of the map.

The safest route is that the Nazi Gold/Papers are just flavor and are not an objective and we just kill the Bank boss who has been hiding a secret past as a Nazi collaborator. Their significance limited by the fact that one of the mission stories may require the Target to go down to the vault for whatever reason, though that is less interesting than making it required for 47 to retrieve the documents - though the problem is that the only elegant reasoning for such given 47’s alignment is that he would only be doing so if it was to be in the Client’s favor for the documents to be missing from their proper hiding place which would make 47 a Nazi accomplice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also strongly suspect that this destructable environment will be linked to a specific challenge, thus revealing it as the same mechanic as Novikov’s falling light rig kill. If IO implements a new mechanic to blow up structures, people will be blowing up Villa Caruso in no time! :joy:

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The Beretta 93R is a selective-fire machine pistol, designed and manufactured by Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta in the 1970s for police and military use, that is derived from their semi-automatic Beretta 92. The “R” stands for Raffica, which is Italian for “volley”, “flurry”, or “burst”.

Not to mention the Beretta 93R is also supposedly the first “true machine pistol” to be used on film.

The weapon, with some cosmetic changes and a coffin compensator, was featured as the ficitional “Auto-9” pistol in the 1987 film ROBOCOP.


I also beg to differ on that comparison. The chaos of a motor race and the festive mood surrounding it are great cover for someone planning an assassination, setting aside momentarily that the level of security would be too high for most would-be criminals to deal with.

Once you get past security (which in Miami can be done by simply getting past the main gate as a race attendee) you’ve already begun to beat the restrictions of the level.

I use a hostage taking as the setup for my own fan-made mission, and in contrast the feedback I got was that such a mission was highly restrictive because you are dealing with two layers of security - criminals and police - with a hard cordon that cannot be passed as easily as the race venue gate in Miami nor confounded as easily using paddock and pit passes.

I also found that restrictions run almost the entirety of any mission stories or solutions. So a race event and a crime in progress are definitely not comparable.


Kinda agree we’re building up the hype for a massive letdown, probably.

But a bank level without some kind of robbery involved is wasted potential tbf


you could always loadout with a frag and a shotgun, and blast your way to the vaut yourself

That would mean that the robbery would have to be able to start, work, and end all without a single interaction from 47.

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I’ve just remembered the Undying letdown - which makes me more and more sure that all we’re going to get is a lone robber psyching himself up. At absolute best, this would result in an easy way to run amok in the level without being shot at, giving the player a clear way to collect keycards and intel from locations that would normally require stealth.

Then you run away, change disguise, and put whatever you picked up to good use.


Or the embassy in Marrakesh. :wink:

Hahahaha! He gets paid in gold. In a Swiss account.

Here is a man after my own heart.


Why would there NOT be a chance to do a Bank Robbery. I mean, way or another, there is going to be one

Like, wasnt a Bank Robber placeholder thingy leaked already?
And in either case, you can just storm the damn place with guns blazing

infiltration into a building is one of the best parts of a Hitman map. that’s why maps that are all indoors wouldn’t feel as good. i really hope there is an outside section of The Bank.


Agreed. There doesn’t need to be a huge outside area but at least allow the player to walk around the building, instead of having the whole map be indoors.


From the cutscene with Fanin, it seems that they needed to go through elevator to get into the vault (which ofc doesn’t have to mean anything for the level itself, but hmmm…)

I liked the bank heists in already mentioned Deus Ex:MD and then in Dishonored:DotO, bc both vaults there were functioning like an elevator, so you could summon them and change from what position on the map you will approach it - each position having different pros and cons, which added to variability. It would be interesting to have something like that in Hitman, but i doubt it, bc… elevatoorrrss, right.

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Since people want a map with rain, I think the bank would be perfect for that. Most parts of the map are indoor areas, so you can still have plenty of NPCs on map, despite the bad weather.


i think so too. it would be perfect if it was raining a bit.

also if you could hear the rain from the inside of the building. would be cool to hear conversations of bank people over the rain.

maybe there’s a hole in the roof where the bank robber came in through. the hole also allows for rain water to create a puddle that the target just happens to walk into :thinking: