New York City (Formerly The Bank) Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

They are investigating this guy dancing. Opening cutscene 47 walks in starts shooting up the place.


I hope so! However, I doubt they’re more than security with fancy suits. Regardless, they do look cool.


The blue shirts are what define the NYPD tho!
It’s going to be another Landslide where they look sorta like cops but they’re just plain old security.

By the disguise list that will be lower security, the suit shown in the promo image will be the upper security.

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Actually white shirts are just as common in the NYPD. NYPD officers in white are also inspectors as well as captains and lieutenants. Anyone above the rank of sergeant wears white.

But there is still a chance they are security, there is little reason for the cops to be at the bank anyway if there is no robbery in progress or criminal investigation under way.


Is the bank at night (or early morning), then? I hope so, I want to feel nice and warm in the lobby in front of the lovely heat of my rapidly fireing Machine Gun.

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I didn’t upload all disguises found in the game files as I’m not sure they’re all related to the bank map, but if you really want to see what security outfits look like…
Those are all the outfits with a distinctive feature.

Big post

Low-level security:

High-level security:

Head of security? (going by the previous leak and similar badge):

No police officer disguise from what I can tell, there’s a dark-blue shirt one similar to the low-level guard outfit minus the strap belt and badge, but there’s a security label on it instead. I think it’s the Freeform Training outfit anyway.



Maintenance staff:

There are other disguises I’ve never seen before (including a magnificent plaid) but I can’t guarantee those are part of the bank.


A lot of nice suits


I like the blue of the teller outfit in particular.

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I am curious what the goofy, instant-hostile disguise for the bank will be for the bank. Most levels have one like the Vampire Magician or the Knight or the Scarecrow. Or maybe the hippy will be there protesting the system and the man or something.


Fingers crossed it’s not the bank robber.


A dark blue version of low level guard + without strap sounds eerily like NYPD… but the lack of a badge doesn’t. Maybe they’re doing the ol “They look exactly like police and function as police, but we’ll refuse to call them police for some reason” thing?

No. I am pretty sure they are private security. They wear light blue because it is a common colour for security guards to wear aside from white.

There is literally no reason for any NYPD officer would have to be in the bank unless the level has them investigating a crime. Most banks don’t have police guarding it to my knowledge they rely on private contractors.

Maybe there’s a cop making a withdrawal in his spare time.


It would make sense for me for it to be the bank robber. Thats a disguise that should be hostile anywhere in the map. But I would like the disguise to be used for something a bit more interesting like an opportunity rather than just a hostile everywhere disguise. Did you find anything else of intrest in the files?


Ok this is off-topic, but here’s how I would’ve handled it: The investigation of the Asylum should’ve been taken place after Santa Fortuna. But when 47 searches the place Grey is long gone. Instead he finds some files and phots left by him and discovers the handprints. This could make 47 wonder if he and Lucas had a past together.

Then after Mumbai he confronts Grey in Berlin, wanting answers. There’s no serum involved, but instead he tells 47 things from his past nobody else knows. Maybe in this scenario his memories weren’t destroyed and he simply believed that No. 6 was killed.

All in all I think this would make 47 joining his side feel more natural.

And to not be completely off-topic: I’m 99% certain that these NPCs are security guards instead of cops. Security Guard uniforms often look similar to police uniforms and often that’s intentional. I know that there are regulations IRL that forbid uniforms that look to similar, but I doubt that IO knows or cares about that.


What’s this then:


Call me crazy, but I still think the security in Landslide/The Icon look like police.

The Vermont deputies in Whittleton also have weirdly nondescript cars. They put the bare minimum on them.

We weren’t speculating whether the disguise existed or not, but whether it would be the map’s easter egg hostile-everywhere outfit like the Vampire Magician and the Stalker or not.

It should be hostile inside the bank, but not in the street (if there is any, of course

I’m thinking because it says in the files the bank robber is a unique disguise if it Will be the only one of the bankrobbers that you can disguise as like you can only disguise as the dummer in the three headed serpent

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