New York City (Formerly The Bank) Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

dear god, I did all of the heists on hard in order with the same crew (for the loyalty bonus) and that final heist took us so long because a member of our crew didn’t know how to fucking parachute

I think he ended up driving down the mountain and barely making the timer


47 can’t keep breaking into hotels and small towns forever. Gotta kick it up a notch and handle some real secure places.


I feel you, mate, my bad :joy: Doing that shit with randoms was basically only for Masochists.


Ew, why specifically Fleeca Job?
Why not Paleto Score, the Ludendorff Mission or the Big Score?

On our first playthrough, after legit 20 attempts at finishing it, we finally get the the cliff and the jump point, and I drive us off. Myself and two others jump out and deploy parachutes. Number 4 stays in the car until it hits the ground and blows up. Guy says: “Wait, what happened, Where’d you guys go?”

We fucking raged at the stoner cunt.


Destructible envioroment?
A Bank?



As much as I like the new Maps in Atmosphere and graphics, I dont think the new maps have that much replayability like the S1 had. I hope we get some cool unlocks at least, please no reskins or items that are just taken out of the map, like the bone for columbia, the sword in Sgail, the fish in Miami, etc…


I’m more thrilled for the Bank than The Resort Location.

We had plenty of amazing exotic locations to explore, but a Bank setup with a potential ongoing robbery or hostage situation, that’s a refreshing and very interesting concept to play with.

Looking forward for more information about it :+1:


When I say replayability, I mean anything that makes use of the map (aka mainly contracts mode), and while I do agree the H2 maps had less of this than S1, I still think there were some good ones. Miami is just so big and fun there’s the story missions, there’s also a some decent contracts (Though nothing compared to the amount of good Sapienza contracts), and obviously Miami’s had Ghost Mode this whole time, plus escalations (Even though I don’t like escalations much), so Miami had decent replayability, plus was just so large and had a high mastery for you to go back and play it. The village area of Santa Fortuna has good replayability but the rest of the map doesn’t to me. Mumbai definitely has potential just from being so vast, there’s some good contracts from it. Whittleton Creek is okay, I’d probably put it on the lower end but there’s at least some decent contracts from it. And Sgail seems to be pretty replayable for a lot of people, it has a lot of challenges too on top of being not bad for contract (Even though I personally don’t think Sgail is as great as people make out)

From S1, I’m going to say Colorado has low replayability just from how shit it is. Hokkaido is pretty good, plenty of reasons to go back there… ETs, challenge packs, cool contracts, etc. Marrakesh is average, it’s only alright thanks to having the main market area… the school and embassy areas aren’t very replayable for me, not much reason to go there. Paris is good but not great. Bangkok should be good but really there’s only so much you can do in a map which only has hotel rooms, and a make-shift recording studio in one of the penthouses. At least in Traditions of the Trade the hotel had the pool/sauna, and a bunch of little shops. Last of All is Sapienza which is the pinnacle of map replayability.


Thats a good point. For me, almost none of the missions in HITMAN 2 are that fun for me than the HITMAN 1 missions, especially because of the lack of bonus missinos. I really hope they do something good, like in HITMAN 1. For me, paris, sapienza and hokkaido had the most replayability for me, while marrakesh, bangkok and colorado have been fun, but nothing I liked to visit again. Just as I said in another thread, for almost everyone in here, HITMAN 1 had three amazing, and three “meh” maps, while HITMAN 2 is so much different. There are people happy with all, or happy with no map, or happy with three out of six. At least it differs more than in HITMAN 1, I guess. And so is my feeling for the HITMAN 2 maps, they may be nice, big, and the main missions have little tweaks that make them interesting, but overall, I feel like the maps are just big, nothing more. They dont have this special “soul” the HITMAN 1 maps had, and I really dont feel like I enjoyed them that much. I do hope alot that the expansions and bonus missions will fix that.

Nazi gold bar found in the game files



this isn’t new.

however, it is interesting. i’ve been wondering why the second bar is blue, personally.

Some sort of security scan result?

That’s a specular map, that defines shininess of the object. (Or bump map?.. uh, can’t remember now)
normal map.
Uuugh, i need to brush up on my 3d class terminology


That for some reason makes me think the Undying might be on the map. I think it’s because we’re bound to have to scan him with something, or get a DNA sample, to ascertain it’s the real Faba.

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I highly doubt Mark Faba has a secret Nazi gold but I like the absurdity of the whole situation enough for a small part of me wanting to see it happen.

In fact the Nazi gold has me doubting somethings actually.

Lol I completed the Criminal Mastermind challenge (everything on hard without dying) and I still wake up screaming.


Imagine how cool it would be if we had to eliminate a target or two and then find a way of extracting some specific artefact from the vault. If io adds enough different options and replay value that would be awesome


Now things are getting really interesting!

so i noticed that one of the NPCs is the CEO. i was thinking this was gonna be Fanin (CEO of Milton Fitzpatrick bank), but then i realized it was a female NPC. so i’m guessing it’s the target in the picture. but that raises alot more questions