New York City (Formerly The Bank) Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

audio teaser


Looking forward to the Golden Shower challenge.


Well I am pretty sure those are American police sirens. Lord knows I have watch so many TV shows and movies.

“Good luck, 47”. I really hope Grey is not our dominant handler for this Bank mission, bc i dislike that sleazy smelly looking mofo with a passion and the less i hear him, the better :joy:

(But it’s probably going to be the case, since it seems that’s where they’re heading with him, so i’m bracing myself for pain, ugh.)


Giving a whole new meaning to “…I need to use the bathroom.”

I am deeply, deeply sorry.


Sounds like it could be in Chicago possibly.

Milton Fitzpatrick bank is in NY.


As Shaw said below. The bank is Milton-Fitzpatrick it is said to be based in New York. It might be a Chicago bank but I hope to never ever return to Chicago in a Hitman game for as long as I live.


I’m going off of the audio teaser. I hope we don’t return to Chicago, but it has the chance. They definitely focused on the details around this map and with that being said we have Architecture based on a New York Bank. We have sirens and rain in the audio teaser. So personally it can be major American cities or IO could do a complete 180° and be placed in Europe completely throwing us off.

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I have the banks architecture down to Beaux-Art. A style of architecture most common place in New York.

One can but desperately hope. One can but hope.

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Am I the only one who noticed that since io got localised accents for Hitman 2 a lot less levels have required foreign accents. In Hitman 1 we needed localised accents for everything other than Colorado but in Hitman 2 we only need them for Columbia and Mumbai. Just occurred to me.


But Whittleton Creek has a Hispanic character and a Hindi-American man with the appropriate accents plus Miami has a wide range of American accents.

Yeah, never forget how every staff in Hokkaido has their fluent English accents but poor Japanese greeting voice over.


My thoughts exactly. As far back as when they announced the locations I had a feeling that was the reason why we had two missions in the USA and one at an Isle in the North Sea, where nobody would mind the NPCs speaking English, too. Wouldn’t surprise me if the resort turns out to be on Hawaii. :wink:

Looks like we can either have exotic locations and no accent or authentic accents and most missions taking place in the US.


i mean, it only makes sense

That’s sort of the point though, they’re just re-using the voices they only put in for Colombia (Hispanic) and Mumbai (Indian). If they had done an Asian level in H2 I’m sure we’d be having a couple Asians running around the US levels with Asian voices


Isn’t that a good thing? I heard the realtor talk in the Indian accent or the race reporter talk in Spanish I was delighted it was a nice little detail and a creative use of the VA.


Yeah it’s better than not doing it, but it still remains there’s only three accents in the game as a whole.

Well money my dear boy. It is everything (it is also power if the floor seal is correct). But if that resort is in Australia we could always volunteer to do the VA for free.


Ask for your salaries to go towards buying more eggs