New York. Hold My Hair challenge

cant seem to get hold my hair challenge for new York when I poison her she always goes to a garbage can is anyone else having this problem

Wait wasn’t this challenge intentionally not included in this mission?

its there in your assassination challenges

Hello there! Welcome. I seem to remember that there is a thing, something else needs to happen and once it does she’ll go to a toilet to vomit. I can’t remember what it might be though, maybe search the relevant thread? Happy murdering!

I have tried rat poison emetic poison vial emetic syringe they all say target will look for a place to throw up, so went with emetic pill that says target will look for a bathroom only still target went to trash can, watched various feeds on youtube and target goes to bathroom all feeds are over a month old

im going with doomed genration

i ment what you were thinking with the update

Hold My Hair feat can also be completed in Contracts.
Create a contract with a target in the restroom near the main starting entrance. Play the contract and distract your target to the toilet with coins then push them for a drown kill when the target is facing the toilet.


I ended up poisoning her vodka with emetic poison. That worked for me but this was before the July update which screwed a lot of things up

There was talking about this challenge right after the update and seems people came to conclusion that this challenge went bugged after this update in late July.
From my observations nearly all vomit actions now headed to trash bins instead of toilets

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They need to just turn off the trash bins as vomit spots. It’s such a PITA. Maybe in one or two specific instances they could script an NPC to use a trash bin, or “code” a specific bin as able to accept vomit.

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Try making sure there is at least one vomiting victim already on the floor below Savalas’ office before you poison her. If the bin is preoccupied she will probably use the Toilet.

Have you tried it on Casual? That might make a difference. But otherwise create or do a contract. I had the same thing last night but I was on professional, I was gonna try it on casual later tonight.

There’s a dude who’s already vomiting over a toilet, just look for any contract that has him as a target, shouldn’t be hard to find. In fact I’m sure someone would’ve made a “Hold My Hair” contract for you to type in

And yes, I seemed to be the first one to notice it when I made a drowning contract in Miami for Featureds, and the very next day (update) when I went to play it everyone went to trash cans. Trash cans now override toilets; though there’s still a 15% chance they’ll go to a toilet. Since then other people came forward and it turns out it’s not map-specific, it’s just the game now.

I put an emetic in the vodka glass. She went and used the bathroom on the investment banking floor (second floor).

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Did you use the vial or pills?

Neither I used rat poison.

That’s strange… for me she went down to the toilet. She used the one with the cocaine …
(both on PS4 and PC) Could be something random?

Shouldn’t be

Is it like with diseases where they should be named after the researcher who discovered it?
“The Kevin Rudd Syndrome” does have a nice ring to it.