Newly discovered electrocution method with puddle of water


I was playing around in Bangkok kitchen and wanted to try something stupid. Turns out, stupid sometimes works. Haha.

Here’s the kill. FF to 21:17


Another example I just tested. Note that it works with puddles too; you can in fact kill people in Francesca’s puddle (not that this is useful since it has a plug), as well as any other hose-generated puddle. That means the graveyard hose in Sapienza actually matters. Be aware that it’s hard to get a conscious target to stand in the puddle with The Big One as people tend to cluster in a circle around it though. Unconscious works fine.


HOLY SHIT, we had the puddle eletrifier we asked for so much all this time? This is amazing.
I wonder if they were/are working on a proper electrifier and added it to the The Big One by mistake.


It’s easy to understand why it was hard to find. It only applies at basically the very end of The Big One’s duration. If you threw it at a puddle with a person standing in it, nothing would appear to happen, and if they moved out of it you’d never notice the effect. They have to be there at the very end as The Big One burns out. I guess it represents the sparks? :wink:


I’d assume that by now someone would have accidentally killed themselves with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, works in any puddle of water too. But it is brief and the water doesn’t stay electrified. I haven’t tested if a puddle with a socket will shock the plug to stay electrified. That would be really good as having a puddle constant of electricity while never having to shoot it by hiding or using the screwdriver can come in very handy.

I shocked 3 kitchen chefs in Bangkok with the sink once. They all walked towards it.


Note that if sinks are close enough together it should be entirely possible to get a twofer:

I tested Dalia’s sinks in Paris and they’re slightly too far apart for the puddles to intersect, which appears to prevent a double conscious electrocution. However, any pair of sinks close enough together works.

EDIT: Also note how long it takes to work. Almost ten full seconds from the time The Big One starts!


I just saw your video in the challenge thread. This is an awesome discovery. I look forward to the contracts being made out of it.


Puddle sizes may be larger than they appear:

Regrettably, it does NOT also shock people barfing into the bins:


really cool thing about this is what you can now have electrocution kills in The Icon, which was previously impossible


That’s why I made a contract called The 47th Chromosome that had Bosco electrocuted. And nobody could solve it. Haha. Until now.


It wasn’t technically impossible, but you couldn’t get back in bounds afterward. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the only issue i have with this is the damn people stepping away when too close to the big one. Hopefully we get a item that acts as a puddler shocker without the distracting abilities of the fireworks.



it doesnt in the water outside the sauna :frowning:


Well it’s no wonder that it took ages to find! What a silly interaction/bug. I hope it stays. :smiley:


A bit of testing

I love how smooth the kill in Landslide is. Breaking the glass with the thrown fire extinguisher and then throwing the big one is such a cool way to do it.


How interesting! It doesn’t make ANY sense, but it’s a welcome addition!


More notes:

  • The Hokkaido shower is wet but it doesn’t seem to be a shockable puddle.
  • The puddles in the sewers and basement in Sapienza do not appear to be shockable. Same with mud puddles in Colorado. Probably only generated puddles and puddles designed to allow for electrical shocks can be shocked.
  • Puddles grow to their maximum size even if you turn them off immediately (can’t do this with sinks but you can with faucets and hoses).
  • Conductivity is not modeled. If you want to double shock two puddles, they need to be overlapping and The Big One needs to be touching both. Even if two puddles overlap if you only have TBO in one of them the second puddle won’t get shocked.
  • The Big One’s attraction radius is just small enough that you can lure a person to the puddle with it. Throw it on the edge of the puddle (remember most puddles are actually larger than their displayed size so you can throw it slightly outside) directly opposite from the direction of the person you want to lure in. They should walk up to the other edge of the puddle and die when the shock goes off.


Now we’ve to create a thread for dummee as well. Immadummee the mechanic master


Now… imagine the joy of Season 2 where one of your new weapons is an electric taser gun!