Newly discovered electrocution method with puddle of water


All we need is a rainy day for an ezpz Kill 'em All! :rofl:


The next unlock has to be a water balloon.
Has to be.


Sounds like a fun challenge. KO an entire map, drag all their bodies to a sink, electrocute them all at once. Lol.


Basically a “blow the whole map up with a FE” but less likely to crash your game.


Example of a new puzzle contract concept opened up by this trick: Getting Everybody to The Same Puddle.


I was thinking about trying the big one in the spa in Hokkaido and see if they get electrocuted. Sadly, no.


That’s fucking brilliant. Now using dual emetic syringes will come in a lot more handy.

Good job.


It only works in some bathrooms. Bin/Toilet positioning is different in every restroom and some allow for dual kills but not triple kills. Still, there are many other ways to get people into a bathroom and once they’re stuck in there The Big One can often keep them standing around in the puddle. There’s a ton of contract potential here.


nice find! i wonder if this is still possible in the next update, when the devs read this :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they should patch it. But patch it that it works on every bit of water. For eg, the water in the spa has 0 effect.


Does the shock jump from puddle to puddle or does it only work when the BO is on the overlapping part?


I mentioned this above, it does not conduct. Overlapping puddle zones are not considered one puddle, but if you place The Big One in a spot that both puddles are touching they’ll both get shocked.

As an example of where this won’t work, go to Dalia’s bathroom and turn both sinks on, then throw The Big One into the dry strip between the two. Neither puddle should be shocked. Now go to the bathroom on Hokkaido and try it and you’ll see the two sinks are close enough that their puddles overlap. Throw it in the middle and it will shock both, but throw it on the left/right sides and it will only shock one of the two even though the water appears to visually be one puddle.

I’m 99% sure that turning on a sink instantly and automatically generates a “puddle zone” that the visual effect slowly fills out, and it only goes away if an NPC cleans it up completely. The zone is what matters, not the visuals. If a zone is active it can be shocked, if it isn’t it can’t; shocking is a one-time event that occurs when a person either touches an electrified puddle or when electricity is applied to a puddle in a single action (turning on a plug, The Big One effect, etc.). On some maps there are preexisting puddle zones (the shop on Landslide e.g.), but unless something is defined as a zone it can’t be shocked which is why the shower and spa on Hokkaido don’t work.

EDIT: I would also guess that the puddle zone is a perfect circle, basically just a radius from the puddle generation point. That’s why you can shock people who seem to be standing on the edge of or even outside of the puddle, as the visual puddle shape is different for different sources (sinks appear more elliptical in their puddle projection but this isn’t accurate).


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OP stuff is included in my initial strat for my recently posted contract:


The cigarette ignites the big one?

This game is just full of surprises.


That is just too good.


that was so funny and genius together. Just awesome!
You made my day @Urben #Hitmanscientist101


This is absolutely ridiculous, I love it.

Truly a professional assassin XD



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This is exactly what I think they would think if internet forums were not a thing so people wouldn’t voice that they are pleased with it.


It is indeed… The Big One! :stuck_out_tongue: