Next Elusive Target

I’m new to hitman and a bit confused on how elusive targets work. I did the stowaway last week and I’m wondering when the next one comes out and who it will be? Does anyone know?

It most likely will be The Undying Returns. You are also quite late to the party sadly as we expect him to be the last ET in Hitman 2.


Elusive Targets are simple.
You have just one shot with them. Literally.

You suceed - you’re a hero.
You failed - you’re a loser.

No second chances. Only one try.

Keep an eye on IOI Website to know the exact date of the final Elusive Target arrival.
We expect June Content Calendar in early June.

Be sure to join the next party as soon as possible.
Most definitely it’s appointed with the release of the next HITMAN game.
But we don’t know yet when it’s happening.

Stay tuned, as they say

sadly they are over. i think only one ET is left for reactivation