Next-gen Upgrade Carry-Over

Situation: I’ve succesfully completed the carry-over process from my Hitman 2 progress to Hitman 3. This is on my Xbox One.

I’ve got my eyes on an Xbox Series X, as soon as one becomes available.

I understand I’ll be getting a free upgrade at that point, through which I can get the Series X enhanced edition of Hitman 3 at no additional cost.

Question: will my progress from the basic H3 carry over to the enhanced H3? If not, will I be able to carry-over progress from H2 to the enhanced H3, even though I already did it once for the non-enhanced version?

How Smart Delivery works is it will upgrade your pre existing H3 through a update that enhances the game. With that in mind you will have the Same Launcher, and same Progression. It’s as easy as that.


Thank you, that’s very reassuring to hear!

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