Next roadmap update: items and stuff you'd like to see

I don’t know when the next update will come, but this for discussion of stuff you’d like to see as far as weapons, gear, game modes and upgrades, etc.

Personally, I’d like to see the Sieger AR552 become a small family of weapons like the Tac-4 auto rifle series became. I’d like to see a conventionally laid out rifle have some similar variants, such as a suppressed Covert version, and a long barreled, semi-automatic version, both suppressed and loud.

I just like the Seiger 552 because it reminds me a bit of the HK G36 and HK433 rifles, and given the plethora of pistols and sniper rifles in the game, I think that the auto rifle and SMG categories can use a bit of an inventory buff.

And something that I mentioned previously, I’d hope that IO could also fix an issue with most sniper rifle scopes that happens in dark or dim rooms where all but the center of them becomes foggy/hazy, especially at low zoom. It’s not so bad on rifles that have the red reticle (most of the Sieger 300 family), but those that have the green reticle, it’s pretty nasty. Oddly neither of the Bartoli hunting rifle variants (base or ICA Covert) have this issue.

I don’t really have any game modes that I’d like to see included or updated, but the above are my two big ones that I’d like to see.


Escalation and FC challenges organized numerically.

Fix the lighting.

Tracking dart gun, turns any NPC green or blue in instinct.

Emetic duck.

Ducky suit.


“I Find This Amoosing” bug fix.

Hokkaido Elusive Target (I need to unlock the White Yukata on my Steam account).

New unlocks for Featured Contracts. I don´t care if it´s a reskin, just give us something. Without unlocks I have no motivation to play FCs.

ETA contract that consists of Murillo, Murillo and Murillo :smile:


The signature suit tie clipping, I mean come on, it’s just unusable with this.


Fix ALL the goddamn clipping issues already!

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*Fix Bangkok boat glitch
*Fix exessive bloom
*Announce Freelancer date
*More info on Rocky


The Black Lilly Mk III (what I’m calling the Bloodballer).

Rerelease of H1 ETs in Arcade mode with different restrictions.

Tactical Turtleneck with gloves.




Raytracing on console (30fps/1080p I’d guess).

Some novelty suits: Hokkaido ninja, Hazmat, scarecrow

I agree with the Tactical Turtleneck +Gloves

Patient Zero Contract: choose starting outfit

Add cameras to Dartmoor


I said it before, and I will continue :

Silenced. Stricker.
(Ragdoll physics, but stealthy)

Will it break some of the item balance ? Yes.
Is it time in the game life to have some broken, interesting items ? Yes.
Would it be a whole lot of fun ? Yes.


A sniper rifles that doesn’t send people flying when you shoot them
That would be nice
Just bang, drop, doesn’t go flying back
It’s funny when they do but I want a sniper that doesn’t send them flying back
That would be interesting


Sprint Toggle Option.

Ladder in Garden Show.

Whatever other surprises planned. Hopefully Freelancer for May, but honestly if they need more time then so be it.

  1. Further separation of weapon/gear categories:
    -put dartguns into separate category
    -separate both melee and explosives into lethal and non-lethal
    -maybe put fiber wires into it’s own category
  2. Favorites tab for outfits/weapons/gear.
  3. Multiple presets in planning screen (preferably 3).
  4. Option for 47 to remember his posture when jumping through fences/windows etc. just like in H1&2 (right now he always defaults to crouching which is really annoying).
  5. More starting locations and agency pickups for bonus missions (come on it’s been 6 years).

wish to see the map and where the targets are when planning


That’d be nice, given that the (at least on the Hitman Fandom page) Sieger 300 (Walther WA2000) is listed as being in 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester. And, yes, I’m well aware that most WA2000s were in .300 Winchester Magnum, but quite a few were in .308, and even a handful were in 7.5x55mm Swiss (of course, that’s a small number given that Walther ever sold 176 WA2000s).

I do wonder if that’s some kind of tribute to the ragdolls that happened when you got a headshot with the dual Ballers in Silent Assassin or Contracts? Funny to watch and look at, but not realistic.

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This has bugged me ever since H1 launched.


How about, while we’re at it, actually going back to the Contracts Mode menu after finishing one, how ‘bout it?!


I would love this as well, but I doubt they´d do it, since it would likely break Sniper Assassin and any sniping-based contracts/escalations… They could possibly nerf it though, still giving the shots enough of a punch to move the bodies, but without the stupid exaggerated backflips and such…

Also, what I´d definitely like to see is the removal of the “explosion” effect when bullets hit bodies, and reintroduction of the effect to explosives.

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Not only do I 100% agree, but I freely admit that I would play more contracts were there implemented a simple “exit to contracts” button instead of “exit to menu.”


Another thing that would be interesting is if they added an option on sniper assassin maps to do the thing where the camera follows the bullet in slow motion and it hits the person you shot, not every time but there’s like a trigger you need to hold down that doesn’t already do something

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Kinda like what they do in the sniper elite games

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