Next roadmap update: items and stuff you'd like to see

  1. Further separation of weapon/gear categories:
    -put dartguns into separate category
    -separate both melee and explosives into lethal and non-lethal
    -maybe put fiber wires into it’s own category
  2. Favorites tab for outfits/weapons/gear.
  3. Multiple presets in planning screen (preferably 3).
  4. Option for 47 to remember his posture when jumping through fences/windows etc. just like in H1&2 (right now he always defaults to crouching which is really annoying).
  5. More starting locations and agency pickups for bonus missions (come on it’s been 6 years).

wish to see the map and where the targets are when planning


That’d be nice, given that the (at least on the Hitman Fandom page) Sieger 300 (Walther WA2000) is listed as being in 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester. And, yes, I’m well aware that most WA2000s were in .300 Winchester Magnum, but quite a few were in .308, and even a handful were in 7.5x55mm Swiss (of course, that’s a small number given that Walther ever sold 176 WA2000s).

I do wonder if that’s some kind of tribute to the ragdolls that happened when you got a headshot with the dual Ballers in Silent Assassin or Contracts? Funny to watch and look at, but not realistic.

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This has bugged me ever since H1 launched.


How about, while we’re at it, actually going back to the Contracts Mode menu after finishing one, how ‘bout it?!


I would love this as well, but I doubt they´d do it, since it would likely break Sniper Assassin and any sniping-based contracts/escalations… They could possibly nerf it though, still giving the shots enough of a punch to move the bodies, but without the stupid exaggerated backflips and such…

Also, what I´d definitely like to see is the removal of the “explosion” effect when bullets hit bodies, and reintroduction of the effect to explosives.

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Not only do I 100% agree, but I freely admit that I would play more contracts were there implemented a simple “exit to contracts” button instead of “exit to menu.”


Another thing that would be interesting is if they added an option on sniper assassin maps to do the thing where the camera follows the bullet in slow motion and it hits the person you shot, not every time but there’s like a trigger you need to hold down that doesn’t already do something

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Kinda like what they do in the sniper elite games

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I want to option backl to set a loadout per map. I always had a specific loadout but sometimes you need something else for a Contract or ET and then your loadout is overwritten, that’s annoying

EDIT: Maybe the old way was too confusing and that’s why it got changed? Then keep the auto-save EXCEPT if someone pressed the save button. So people who know it exists can use it, the others won’t be bothered. You know like “check if saved → yes? load saved / no? set last-used”


Two words: Dual. Ballers.

I’ve wanted them as unlockables in WoA for the longest time now, it’s still the only “iteration” of Hitman that lacks 47’s iconic dual pistols. I mean even Absolution had them, it’s a such a shame that they’ve always been quite an unrealistic wish to have in this trilogy…


I hope to return to H2’s 47 proprietary suit as a bonus in the next update, and hopefully fix the issue of flashing with intuition in some maps

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Subject 47 suit with gloves! :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:


I’d love to get an agent 17 suit. Orange tie, ear piece, and those ridiculous body guard shades.


To expand on what I’d like to see with the Sieger 552, I’d like to see the mentioned Covert (suppressed) variant, I’d like to see a full sized auto rifle variant (possibly both suppressed and loud) with standard assault rifle damage and aiming reticle. And a marksman/semi-auto variant, again possibly both loud and suppressed.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a loud version of the ICA Raptor SMG being able to be part of 47’s permanent equipment pool. And it’d also be nice if the M4/HK416 pattern rifles could also be added to that as well.

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We’re not even going to know what’s coming until it actually arrives. No more roadmaps.

or without gloves that would be cool

the solstice suit thats i want to see

But the roadmaps are accurate. What appears on them has – most, most of the time – been correct. There’s been one or two delays of content in the past, but it’s very minor in the grand scheme of things in this trilogy.

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How about the idea of an ICA clearing house mod or add on? Basically give 47 (well, you the player) stuff that the ICA had but has yet to be incorporated into the game. Like say a 7.62mm/.30 cal full power self loading battle rifle (not a snipe rifle), or a modular rifle/SMG family.

I wouldn’t mind such things as a pistol caliber carbine (semi-auto) or semi-auto conventional (non-bullpup) assault-class rifle being incorporated, as well as using the aiming reticule oddly from some of the pistols in the game already (examples: ICA19 Black Lily, Silverballer, Classic-baller).

Or just weapons and items from their R&D room that didn’t make it out before the ICA disbanded?