NieR: Automata


Does anyone know anything about this series? It looks really interesting and the art design is beautiful. This game is really piquing my interest but if it’s anything like God of War, no thank you!

Apparently it’s not the first game in the series. I watched a little footage of the first game but wasn’t really impressed. The main difference with this game is that it’s now in the hands of Platinum Games - whatever the fuck that means. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan was trash and I couldn’t get into the Bayonetta games. But this game, this game looks like it’s right up my alley. The only thing I’m concerned with is if the gameplay is strategy based, and not just some over-budget button masher for kids.


So if I like a Hack N’ Slash, I’m a kid? 'Cause the ESRB says kids shouldn’t buy God of War, or Dante’s Inferno… and they sell.

Hell, even some fighting games like Mortal Kombat X, or classics like at least one Zelda (which name I can’t remember… UGH) are button mashers…


[quote=“Supernova, post:2, topic:10538”]
So if I like a Hack N’ Slash, I’m a kid? 'Cause the ESRB says kids shouldn’t buy God of War, or Dante’s Inferno… and they sell.
[/quote]In my opinion yes. I’ll apologize for being honest, though. However, the fact that you bring up the ESRB as a talking point pretty much reveals your maturity level. The world of ratings is all about politics. Just because there’s a giant M on the bottom left corner of a box cover doesn’t mean the game wasn’t marketed for kids. Also, it’s not really about age, if you’re a fat, balding 40 year old playing video games in your mom’s basement, you’re a fucking kid. But to each his own. No hard feelings.

For the record, Mortal Kombat X sucks.


Got round to buying this. See how it goes, mostly positive reviews so hoping for the best and can buy trophies so super easy :joy:


For me this is probably one of the best games so far. The story is really engaging and the combat is wonderful.
There is one review saying that the story isn’t good because you need to play the game again after the first ending but this is BS. They only got 20% or something from the story and it goes so much further.


Oh boy, we’re going to salvage this thread now?

I played through the Jap version on release and actually went out of my way to Platinum the American version, loved the game. I can probably help anyone if they have questions.

Couple quick PSAs though.

PSA 1: Ending A comes up really fast and without resolving anything, even knowing that you’ll still probably be surprised when it happens, don’t worry about it, just keep going, there is way more in terms of gameplay and story. Contrary to some reviews claims you do not “have to play through the game 5 times”, you play through Route A, then Route B is Route A from a different perspective with different gameplay and some different events. Route C/D is entirely different from that and from eachother. Route E is unique but it’s also… it’s different. Endings F-Z are all joke endings, basically glorified game overs.

PSA 2: You can never lock yourself permanently out of any content in the game except ending Y, don’t worry about that until you have all weapons and they’re fully upgraded.

PSA 3: Do NOT spend much time exploring during route A, sidequest to your hearts content, explore if you really want to, but know most hidden paths lead to chests you can’t open until route B.

PSA 4: You can ride the animals, use the animal bait, after you do this enough they just show up ready to ride at all save points. I keep seeing people complain about how long it takes to get fast travel, well, this helps.


Also, I imagine most people here didn’t play Nier. You don’t need to have played Nier for this game, all the references and callbacks give you enough context to understand them without prior knowledge but honestly I feel like you still get more if you know, so I’ll post these. I don’t like this guys presentation, especially humor interjections, but he does a great job giving you all the information you need to know from Nier and its supplementary materials in a short time.


That’s it I’m done :joy:


Well that’s one ending done…


Fucking hell this game is amazing like pretty much perfect. I’ve done A B C D E and G (lol) and it’s such an fantastic experience. The game itself is on another level, implementing so many game mechanics, to a point there are games that makes full games from that. It works all so well too, the transitions are cleverly made where typical loading screens would be apparent.

The story is in depth and emotional like Kojima level where you actually get connected to them. This when you go through the endings is a tearjerker without punishment (Quiet) as you go through the games different endings. What I absolutely love is how the game continues in different perspectives and then have a full continuation of all the characters furthermore which in other games would be D.L.C.

The SFX, and OST of the game is 10/10 no doubt, and the amount of effort with the different versions of the songs is impeccable, all having their own unique impact.The ending E with the song is just great, blending in the game mechanics with the songs during the credits creates so much emotion.

This game breaks the 4th wall in ways I haven’t seen in a long time, not only creating the story of looking out for each other with 2B and 9S but in real life with the save data. (You know if you got there), last time I saw game mechanics affecting us in real life was MGS4 with the vibration but then that’s basic compared to Neir.

It’s a game. A full experience. Square enix. Do the right thing and give him the money he wants for DLC.


Sounds cool. I might pick this up



Cannot recommend this enough.

I have never ever been interested in Japanese RPGs at all. Honestly I was pretty ignorant to them if anything, as I like shooters and “realistic” games that don’t do the anime and splash numbers all over the screen when you hit them. I don’t know what made me get it, but I just though fuck it and try it and don’t regret one moment of it.

Taro Yoko is simply a design genius looking at the game from a development side. It appeals to anyone and everyone in terms of skill level, the game does not handhold you at all, but you have the option to make it, however you can turn it on and off at a press of a button. But if you want a stupidly hard time, you got it.

The game has plenty of endings, 26 of them. But when you think New Game +, (especially these days) you expect to do the same thing only the stats to carry over. Not here. It’s a different take. Than you do that and start again, and what happens after is just amazing.

It brings back the good old times of PS2 when you earn your rewards, and DLC can go fuck itself and be made after the whole game is made. (Which you can see it has here, especially since SE wouldn’t give him the DLC money at the time.) It’s an amazing game that’s emotional and quirky at the right times.

There are a few issues being the graphics (not the art style) just low res in some places and lack of bump and PBR shading, if you really care. And you shouldn’t because all the polygons have gone into 2B’s arse. There are meshes that disappear and invisible walls where gaps are and certain points where you can get stuck thanks to AI constantly beating you in a corner.

Thanks to Nier, I’m extremely interested into JRPGs.

Taro Yoko gives no fucks, he’s done what he want’s, calls Square Enix shit and speaks his mind when SJWs question him on why did you do her in high heels, he said he likes women in heels and also asked for the internet to create a giant zip file of rule 34 of his game and send it to him :joy:

Please be real


Thanks for the review. Im busy right now but will defo read your post later mate.


I can’t recommend the game enough either, it’s fantastic.

Thinking of checking out the first game? Gameplay isn’t anywhere near as good but I think you’ll find a lot to like otherwise, as much as I love Platinum I was really happy with the fact you can very easily forget they made this game at all and it just felt like a sequel to Nier but with great gameplay. Which it is.


I’ll definitely check it out now.


@Aden I’m addicted to The [E]nd of YoRHa Song

Insert tears at chorus


I’m addicted to that whole soundtrack, really sad I missed the pre-orders wherever I look. I got the World Guide Book though which is an art book, a couple novels, maps and backstory stuff.

How cool was it when Become as gods became part of the music though?


Still mad this was UK/EU exclusive


Is that for the DLC content?

Wow. That sound really cool, I’ll see if I can pick one up.

It’s sooooo good :smiley:

And I never got the t-shirt but I think I’d rather one of the credits :wink:


No, meant a physical copy of the soundtrack.