Nightcall - First impressions


would be better if they were taking a bath. that way we could drown someone in it. but then again, we could just bash their head into the faucet :thinking:


What kind of grown man takes a bath? Please don’t show me Charlie Shinjan he was in a hot tub


adults are still allowed to take baths, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


@GTAJJ you wanna post some screens of New Zealand with a spoiler tag?


Will do, I’m currently just finishing Miami :stuck_out_tongue:


Really curious what Alma Reynard looks like. Can you post a pic of her under a seperate spoiler tag


So you’re not willing to post videos supposedly as a sign of respect to IO, but you’ll happily share screenshots?

What exactly is the difference between the two - you’re still showing it off before they wanted it out there. :confused:


Does it matter if @GTAJJ does post some screens then a lot of complains about Nightcall might be assuaged.


I don’t care if he posts screenshots or not, I’m just confused by his extremely bizarre logic where videos = bad, screenshots = ok.


let’s not talk about it


Well there is a sliding scale as to what some consider spoilers and screen shots convey less of the level then a video clip.


It’s not about spoilers, it’s the fact he said he won’t share video as a sign of respect to IO because if they wanted game details out in the world they would have set the release date to today.

How does that make any sense when he will happily post screenshots before IO wanted game details out in the world?


A screen here and here of UI and items, gameplay. And a full video which would also contain the cinematics, would be a big difference. Less infp

Same reason why I will not state anything about the story.

Same reason why I chose to keep it varied and only to people who actually want to see.


But how is that going along with the whole “showing respect” thing - you’re still revealing details from the game before IO wanted them out in the world.

You’re giving them that respect with one hand, and instantly taking it away with the other. Pick a single stance.


Gameplay videos are showing up on YouTube, here’s the amount of challenges at the end of this mission. Massive spoilers obviously.


this hype makes me heart attack. i wanna keep myself out of videos :frowning:


Umm… not really a spoiler but I guess technically. But I have a question

Is it really just one building???


I watched a couple minutes of NZ gameplay. I’m getting strong vibes from the first level of Absolution where you kill Diana, it’s just like the very first trailer for that game where 47 infiltrated her mansion at night but in gameplay dorm. The atmosphere for NZ is great too, you do really get the feel that you’re infiltrating the place.

Yes, it is only the house and the beach. It’s a small level, there were only three starting locations in the video I saw.


cheers. so this is as small as the tutorial, so there are actually five locations and a tutorial… that is super lame