Nightcall - First impressions


That mansion mission Absolution is one of my few favourite levels in that game.




That suit is amazing!!


The pants? Yeah I know right :wink:



Exactly!! its so tight, and you can really see the figur :smile:


When I first saw pictures of this location, I genuinely fell in love with it! :heart_eyes: I mean, the atmosphere of this lonely mansion on a beach is just breathtaking! but now that I’ve seen a few gameplay videos of it I felt a little bit disappointed…
I’m excited to have a smaller location (when compared to the other 5) and I think the mansion is perfect for this, but honestly, the fact that 47 infiltrates a completely empty mansion to get information is just boring. Yes I know after the first objective is complete guards and your mian target arrive and I also know that this is the tutorial mission and all, but I expected a little more. anyway, Nightcall isn’t a bad mission at all, I’ve already seen a few interesting ways to kill the target and I’m really excited to find more myself!


Despite its small size, I think the missions overall tone is really fresh, especially from 2016. The mansion and beach area look really nice, I really like the color scheme, it’s really cool with the dark colors contrasting the lights of the house.

Haven’t seen much of the opportunities yet, but I’m looking forward to playing it. Also the suit is nice too.


Yay, someone else who likes the fact that they have done that. I also like how the interior decor also jars with the warm lighting and airy “welcoming” space.


Very disappointed this wasn’t the way 47 arrived at Hawke’s Bay.


I posted this in the first impressions thread but it might fit better here.

I played a few hours (3) in the NZ map and I find it too small and short compared to Paris, with a lot of empty areas (the beach basically). What I think is that in the future there will be at least one bonus mission here, a beach party or something, which can take advantage of this location.

It will take me a few more hours to 100% complete it, and still like the location, I just hope there is a bonus mision here in the future

I understand that the mission is so short because its like an introduction/tutorial mix, as soon as I booted the game, no options menu/ no nothing, it directly started the mission. Its the decission IO made and I’m ok with that, I just look forward to that bonus mission :smile:


Had a few runs on this map, great atmosphere nice mission but the replay value of this location as expected is very low


Damn. For real? Sounds kinda story focused…


The game play feels a lot more smooth compared with season 1 even if the mechanics are the same.
The music at the start it’s something I dislike. First impression was indeed that I’m playing Season 1.5.
I love the new face. 47 looks mean and after seeing the first cutscene I must say that it isn’t really that bad.
But a nice rendered one like in season 1 where I can look at the Blackballer would had been wonderful.

Yes! That is the original Blackballer from the Beta you see it right after the mission in the case. For once I saw something worth replicating, that briefcase the pistol is in. I like the position inside and how it is only for one pistol.


What do you think about pink stickers on mark2 guns?


I haven’t saw it yet. I’m still downloading the update and I couldn’t wait to not play it. So I just played this intro of the game since it was available while it’s downloading.

I think I saw a sticker on a photo leak, the same sticker that it’s on the coat right? It looks horrible. Maybe it’s the color, if it was something like dark steel or steel colored it would had been a lot better.


Just finished the mission for the first time and it’s as I feared: Great atmosphere but it’s really the Colorado of Season 2. Actually Colorado seems like the better mission because this is just a glorified trainings mission. I don’t mind smaller levels as long as there’s stuff going on but it’s really just a small house and a beach with nothing but guards. When I subdued the first NPCs, took his cloths and already got the Chameleon achievement I knew I was in for a disappointment.


Turns out it isn’t bigger than any of the training missions. And it isn’t deep and doesn’t feature a lot to do. 1 disguise? Really?


YES it’s just a fake tutorial mission only atmosphere… once done with it nothing do… I don’t know if we can even use this as a contracts mode mission


disappointed with the scope of this map, but i still quite like it. it’s a very atmospheric level, and it does some cool little things like:

Orson’s shower fogging up the mirror, being able to chase Reynard into the ocean, etc.

very low replayability, but there’s still some there :slight_smile:


I’m happy there is only 5 mastery level for this map, I’m going to reach Mastery Level 5 and then move on.