Nightcall is my favourite mission in the game

Not even joking. Fight me.

Incredible atmosphere, brilliant setup to the story. Approaching an isolated dimly lit house on an overcast night. References to the previous games in diegetic form. Cinematic opportunities for killing Reynard when she returns home mid-mission. The bodies in the garage, all the little bits of world building that make the house seem real and lived in.

I dunno, there’s just something special about it.


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Gameplay wise it falls short compared to the later levels


I disagree, it needs to be shown some love a bit more visibly. It’s going to be overlooked because it’s the smallest level with the least amount of content in the scheme of things, but it’s the perfect way to open the game in my opinion.


Because it is the only Hitman mission in history that starts empty and you effectively push a button to start the real mission.


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I agree with the sinister aspect of it, like you say sort of has that contracts feel to it. I just wish it had more to it, has so much potential for more.


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I think the fact it is restrained is what makes it so memorable. It’s more focused on setting things up and introducing the story in a stylish way whilst still appropriately representing the gameplay.


Take it to PM if you want to complain about me, this is a thread about how underrated Nightcall is.

Its not underrated, it just falls short gameplay wise. Doesnt make it underrated, just what it is.


Yes. It is underrted because of it’s design and is one of the weakest level of H2. It’s not about level being small, but IOI treating it as sort of tutorial level even though they are not calling it that. And contracts not being allowed to be created. What is the reason behind that.


-Short gameplay wise
-marketed as a one of six locations while the others are 5x gameplay wise
-everyone dislikes it

It’s probably just the fact I was really looking forward to this location it hasn’t disappointed I just wasn’t expecting it to be the tutorial map

I don’t think it falls short at all, in fact I think it does exactly what it needs to do in order to set you up for the rest of the game. It introduces key concepts, characters, themes and gameplay elements in a way that fits tonally with everything else that follows. It’s not hugely ambitious compared to the other maps, it is just a good, old fashioned stealthy assassination mission done in the most atmospheric way possible. I have a lot of time for that.

It may be a tutorial but it doesn’t force you to do anything in a particular way - There’s no part where you have to take a disguise to comply with the tutorial for example.


Do they have the Kiwi accents in that mission

And do they say “bro” a lot and do they say “chur”

Ahhhh chur bro, fush n chups

Aftrer all the hype about accents in this game on the internet I’d be disappointed if NZ was the only location without them

Uhh yes to my knowledge a majority of them have New Zealand accents some have other accents since it is a multi-national team. And no they don’t say bro to my knowledge but an AC repair guy says hello or something in Maori.

  1. Limited entry points
  2. Limited and repetitive exit points
  3. Target character accent is forced and not at par with rest of the mission targets.
  4. No contracts mode for seemingly unknown reason.
  5. No Max.
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