Nintendo in Class Action Lawsuit over Drifting Joy-Con Control Sticks

Damages from these suits are usually small. But it does at least force Nintendo to acknowledge the problem.

Also this may be important before people decide to buy a Switch Lite.


I hate drift. Holy hell it’s annoying especially for games where aiming is important such as RE4. The tech behind joycons needs revisions because currently, it’s not working out especially with the lifespan of these things. Fortunately, I only have drift in my left joy con, but it’s annoying regardless because I can’t have my characters standstill since they only wanna run in one direction when I’m not controlling them.

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There appears to be more than one cause for the drifting. Mine seems to go away or get reduced after blowing air under the liftable skirt beneath the control sticks.

Another form of drift may be related to motion detecting graphite conductor pad wear inside the mechanism itself. But this is disputed by some.

The drifting currently dissuades me when it comes to using my Switch. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

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Nintendo leaked memo supposedly instructs Nintendo Customer Service to advise ANYONE complaining of JoyCon drift that Nintendo will repair JoyCon drift for free forever even without a proof of purchase and regardless of when the JoyCons were bought.

What this tells me though is that Nintendo may be on the verge of replacing the hardware with a 2.0 update.

In the meantime guys should feel free to use this thread to also post on replacements. For example, do the Hori “Jyu-Key” Joycons have drift problems?

Or how about the Nyko Dualies?

Or how about an Ipega 9083?

How do you fight, or plan to fight, Switch Stick Drift? :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting question to people out there…

"Would you be willing to buy JoyCon substitutes, first party or otherwise, if they were thicker, particularly to allow them to use a deeper or more robust control stick design?’

  • Yes, I would
  • No, I still prefer thin small JoyCons

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See, this is the Control stick design made necessary because of how tiny the current JoyCons are.

This is a more conventional, rugged design similar to the one on the N-64.

And this is the one in your typical Dualshock 4: