NINTENDO SWITCH LITE - Smaller Form Factor, Handheld Only, Longer Battery Life,

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As usual, Nintendo’s latest move appears to be guided by actual user data

fuck yeah! i was hoping they release a ps vita sized switch.

EDIT: no ability to connect to TV? the lite is priced at $200, but the vanilla switch right now is priced only $100 over this one, so… it makes it a hard buy for a lot of people. they should price it at $250 and allow for dock support, but not include a dock

If I was going to get a new handheld I’d just get the actual switch instead. It has so many advantages over this one


As a current Switch owner, I see this Lite version as being suitable for those out-of-town, no-dock-anyway situations I’d probably use it for demos or for games that I’m almost 100% certain I’d be playing handheld away from TV such as when crossplaying Dauntless with my bro on PS4.

But games with multiplayer out of a single unit like Metal Slug, Diablo 3, or the Resident Evil games with split sceen CoOp are a poor fit for a Lite in my eyes.

I also see it as useful for spreading my storage load around. Have some games on the Switch and others on the Switch Lite without having to yank out SD Cards.