No access to envy

I bought the Act 6: Envy DLC for Hitman on the 29th September.

While showing on Epic launcher its not activating in game.

Things I have tried

  • Reistalling the game
  • Verifying game files
  • Turing the DLC off and On again.

Any help woud be great!

Opened a ticket too !

I’m on Xbox. I’m having another similar access problem. I CAN access Envy and the Deluxe Escalation for Mendoza, however I cannot access anything else relating to Mendoza (main mission, contracts or escalations). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Mendoza, and the entire game/expansions. It is only mendoza that I cannot access, and has only been since this update yesterday.

I have the same problem. :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Dear still problem exit i open a support ticket hope thet do something

When you open the game and go to store and click on any sins DLC it will automatically
open Epic store where You can buy that DLC. But when you go to Envy, there is a message
page is not found (error 404). Obviously there is a problem with registering of the DLC. I have put ticket to IOI support more then 24 hours ago but still no answer.


We are aware of this issue, and we’re investigating it.


My dear Watson. What kind of conspiracy have you uncovered?

Hey all!

We just released a small hotfix for PC that fixes this issue. :slight_smile:

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Except now I’m getting an error that says this and yes I both verified the files, as well as uninstall/reinstall the dlc


Same here :sweat_smile:
Just here to write that.

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There was an error starting a contract!
Hell yeah i know Hector and Hector knows me, but still…

same here error starting a contract!

Same here :frowning: Cant start the contract

Now I’m getting the error message instead.

Come on! What Fork is that?

Here we go

Tell me ioi know this new problem PLZ

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So did anyone work his way out of this? I still get the error message on the escalation. Did we have any news from IOI?

Known issues have changed!

  • No access to Envy DLC after purchase on EPIC.
    We’re aware that some players are experiencing no access to the Envy DLC after purchase on EPIC Game Store, and we’re investigating this matter.
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PC players who can’t access Envy, updates will be posted in this Twitter thread

Let’s start the week with an update on this fix! There’s a small number of PC players still having issues getting access to the Envy content. We’re hard at work on a second update to resolve this. Updates to come in this thread.

All PC players should now be able to access the Envy DLC.

Our second update has now been rolled out and we expect that all PC players can now access their content. Let us know here if you’re still having issues.