No access to Hantu Port


I have the silver edition for PS4 and it won’t give me access to Hantu port. Game says I need the gold edition but IO’s website says that it can be accessed with either edition or expansion pack. Pls help!!!



same problem, except i have the collectors edition which comes with the expansion pass, meaning i should have access to all content. i was not able to get the winter sports pack either, which was disappointing. this has almost completely turned me off the game, after spending $150 on the collectors edition and i can’t even get access to the dlc content. if anyone can help me that’d be very much appreciated. i already tried contacting ioi thru their email but it gave me an automated response and haven’t heard back in over a month.



You need to download Hantu Port manually by searching for it in your platform store (PS store, Microsoft store or Steam store)

If you choose Hantu Port from the Hitman 2 Store tab, it will redirect you to purchase the Gold edition for some reason. So search and download it manually.