No broadsword

hi, I have mastery level 20 at isle of sgail, but I cant pick the broadsword as melee weapon. it is showned unlocked in the career tab, but when I start a new mission, it is not in the melee categorie or elsewhere. any clue?

Are you smuggling it into an Agency Pickup? The broadsword is a large weapon that you can’t carry at the start or smuggle into the smaller Hidden Stashes. It can only be brought into one of the large Agency Pickups.


That’s correct.
Large weapons like the broadsword or the katana need to be smuggled with Agency Pickup points.

You won’t find it in the regular inventory or after selecting a briefcase or hidden stash because the item is unavailable to be smuggled these ways.


yep, you’re right, sorry sorry but first time I try to use it :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot :wink:

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