No connection to Servers

I play hitman and hitman 2 and never had problems. Today it is not possible to log in.
It says: loading of online ressources on hitman2 server failed.
Or it says:
Cant write file to download…

Internet connection is ok and status is nat 2. Never had problems with it.

Is it a hitman2 problem or mine?
Can somebody help please?

Generally you can check the server status by using this link:

Currently there seems to be no issue. Are you playing on PC? Often, restarting the game or Steam fixes temporary issues I have.

Hi. No i play on ps4.

Can’t help you with that sadly. For how long are you trying to connect now?

A last idea I have is: try to connect your PS4 to a hotspot you open with your phone. I heard this sometimes fixes the issue.

Thanks. I try it for one hour. Never had problems in the last year.
Hotspot is unfortunately not possible.
Thanks for answering.

Servers works fine for me, also on PS4.

Ok. Thanks. Than i dont know why…