No Crime Runs


I assume this is not a thing yet, but i had an idea of ‘‘no crime runs’’. Basically, no trespassing, hostile areas, carrying illegal items, no lockpicking and nothing illegal, and so on. If someone get suspicious you and you end up confronting the cops, you fail, as you can only resist the arrest. But you are allowed to change disguises, or as a chef, poison food, as a guard, carry guns. You are allowed to do life savings, for excample kill Abiatti as he is about to kill Padre Francesco. You are allowed to mess with wires and water to electrocute someone tho. And this could also make Sedative Poison useful, as you cant KO anyone. I think tis a good idea, but needs some refining. I have no idea if all missions or if any at all can be done with this. Also, starting locations and pickups are obv allowed.


Then just turn the game off because murder is kinda a crime


Ye… but if you read what i said, you would know that things such as messing with wires and water to electrocute your target, or to kill a target to save someone else, is allowed. For excample you can give the mascot in the parking garage his keys and then kill Sierra Knox before Sierra kills the mascot. Obv it is impossible to do fully without crime, so some… leniency?.. is allowed


Like you can make it so its a believable accident. None of that Charge + FE = A total accident, bs


I like the idea but it would be nearly impossible to refine it without changing it completely from the original “no crime”.


Yee, but you could use excuses. Like ‘‘I was fixing the power socket, as it sometimes cut off the power, but apperantly some of the wiring went loose’’. I have had this idea for a long time and i think about it often when playing the game and i have a few tricks in my book for it. Ill add them in when i think of em.


Miami: You kill Sierra when he tries to kill the mascot. You kill Robert with the car.