No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


What the hell are they thinking over there?
“Future rewards will include versions of those suits with gloves”

This is getting boring, man.


That’s bullshit not even interested anymore looks like the normal suit but with a tie pin.


Excellent news.

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We’re finally getting elusive targets and people are raging over the fact they don’t get gloves as a reward…


It took them 3 months to release the first elusive target, we don’t know how often they will release them, and it will take more than ten (completed ones, because you can fail anytime) just to get so damned gloves?!


I have been waiting for those gloves since release…
Its a small detail that bothers me a lot…
Seems cheap to have to unlock the same suit twice (gloves/no gloves)
If they only had a money system where we can buy equipment and suits (ties,cuff-links,gloves etc)
Not interested in the rewards anymore…
I just wanted the absolution suit with gloves for my suit-only runs


Stop thinking about it in terms of a reward and try to enjoy the experience. Not everything should be a carrot on a stick.


Exactly, why is this a problem for you? Nevermind, 95% of the game seems to be a problem for u judging by ur comments.


If the game wasn’t so empty in terms of content I wouldn’t feel the need to unlocksome gloves man…


How many hours have you put into Hitman so far?


Yep, they seem pretty underwhelming to be honest. Since when are gloves supposed to be rewards?

Anyways, I’m glad to hear we’re finally getting elusive targets… one at least, that is.


A lot. Does it matter?


And the BM suit isn’t buttoned. Kill me now.


I don’t really understand why there are no gloves in Hitman. Wouldn’t he want to hide his fingerprints?


The one shown is the Absolution suit.


I’d say it matters, because you’re claiming the game is empty in terms of content yet you’re playing it a lot. That’s not particularly damning.

I genuinely don’t give a shit about the rewards because this is all about the experience for me.


I think we are all happy that we are finally getting the elusives and if the experience is as they are describing it, it will be awesum :sunglasses:

The problem here is how silly the reward system is, and how we (i) have been wanting those gloves and waiting for 5 elusives to pop so we can get them, i really want them, they are really important to me to complete the 47 look,
You don’t care it doesn’t effect you and thats fine.

Idk about you but i don’t judge the quality and content of a game by the hours i put into it.
I put 50h in the Deus Ex1 demo back in the day, that doesn’t mean it had lots of content.
That wasn’t really the point he tried to make.


Saying Hitman is empty in terms of content is a ridiculous statement though.


Well, if the suitcase turns out to be a reward…


I was mainly interested in elusives due to getting the suit with gloves not too bothered anymore like others have said they will probably just be crappy Sarajevo six type missions anyway.