No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


How about we all settle down? …or else the gloves are coming off!


They should have probably added no reward if they didn’t know what to add:)


The annoying thing about the gloves is that in the HiTMAN 2016 promotional pictures of Agent 47, he’s wearing gloves! And carrying a briefcase too.


You have never criticized the game. And when you did you put it in a very educate manner.

Lets talk about the gloves. Have you ever played before Absolution and asked your self “damn I wish 47 suit was with out gloves”?
I never thought of that. The absence of gloves never did cross my mind.
You start from Codename 47 with gloves and later on with Silent Assassin, 47 becomes known for being the bald man with the suit and black gloves wearing a red tie. And the barcode tatto of course.
Then Contracts has the gloves, Blood Money, Absolution. Every Hitman game.

Now they are giving for 5 Completed Elusives the iconic Absolution suit. “ICONIC” makes you think it has everything. But with out gloves, the gloves will be there to unlock in the next few Elusives.
Don’t you feel a bit like some one is making fun of you? Because the Blood Money white suit has the gloves. What does it take to make them for another suit?

What if this new Hitman started with the gloves but the red tie wasn’t there? Then you have to complete 5 Elusives to get the Absolution suit but all it changes are the gloves and the tie will be for the next time.
Tel me? Let’s pretend the tie is missing and you have to wait 3 months to be able to unlock it. If you manage to complete an Elusive a week of course. Will you be happy?


So I’ve never criticised the game, apart from when I did. And when I did, I did so in an educated manner instead of being a brat.

… What’s the problem, exactly?


you do defend IOI with a zealous fervor, its almost as if your on their payroll


Theyre really slacking with these nostalgic suits is there really any noticeable difference between the suits anyway? lol we want gloves!!! and we want them now xD


For real? I’m saying every time there are more than 10 people hatting on some decision IO made like the always online (example). You are there saying they did the good thing.
Now they are giving an iconic suit with no gloves. People are mad about this because fuck. We are used to see 47 with gloves and it makes sens since he is a killer and here you are making fun of those who don’t like the idea.
I agree, the game play is important. But would you play it if it was all pixalated for example? Of course is the game play that counts

And so on


I’ve always wanted the game to be offline.

I don’t think I can emphasise any greater than I already have - I’m not bothered about the gloves. I usually wear the level specific outfits anyway (Tux, Italian suit) so something as arbitrary as 47 not having gloves is far too minor to affect my enjoyment of the game.


Then my mistake about the offline comment. But still, you are defending IO hard even when the 90% of hardcore Hitman fans are saying they are wrong


Universal truth is not measured in mass appeal.


No, but truth about how the masses feel is.


But how the masses feel about something does not have to be the truth/way to go.


It’s not necessarily what “the masses” feel, just a number of active and vocal members of a community.

Forums can be an echo chamber at times.


Certainly not in all cases, no. But when developing a videogame and especially when it’s being promoted as something that’s supposed to “evolve” based on player feedback, it should have a very significant roll.

Mind you, I’ve already said that my opinion is the gloves are inconsequential to me. I was just responding the the comment of


Absolution suit has gloves don’t tell us we are getting the absolution suit when clearly all we are getting is a tie pin.


quinn my friend… i can’t think of a time when you criticised IO for their decisions other than always online, which everyone hates anyway.


I doubt you’ll want to trawl through my post history but if you did then you’d see I’ve talked critically of the following:

  • Episodic release
  • Patch problems and breaking sound/music
  • Always online
  • PC version getting new episodes nearly 24 hours after console version

So if “everyone hates” something, then that doesn’t count and its the same as saying nothing? Do I have to criticise a small puny detail live lack of gloves in order to be seen as “balanced”?


I think it would be nice if this thread stopped being a lets all hate on Quinn thread and went back on topic.


Mr. Pink has a good point guys.