No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Not sure what point this Mr Pink fellow made but if it’s the same as mine I would have to agree with you.


Hating Quinn’s arguments and placing valid responses to his out of place trolling IS on topic. What’s not on topic is to offend someone directly for what was spoken. The terms of use of this forum very clearly state you must “debate opinions. Not people”. I’m all in for pointing out all the flaws of this game and expressing how inappropiate some of the defender’s arguments are. But not the defenders themselves.

So let’s all hate what Quinn says, and we can still stay on topic. Because else, we would all stay saying the exact same arguments and this discussion would never go forwad.


I just didn’t like the way everyone was ganging up on him very unessecary. I’m not your boss mate I was giving my opinion if you want to carry on the negativity go right ahead :+1:t2:.


Have you changed your opinion on tipping?


Its a matter of common sense. There can be no debate if no one has a contrary idea. What CAN’T happen is that we start calling names on each other because of our arguments.

I have enough of that bullshit in my country already. The president won’t listen to the national assembly, the supreme court and the national elections council are dependant maggots of the executive, the opposition is useless… Bah.

Americans… Just do me a favor and jail in the Flores at once. Push for the DEA to win that case already.


Yeah so anyway having no gloves sucks would be nice if they changed their mind on this, stranger things have happened.


There’s so much room for potential in this game I hope they give us decent unlocks eventually. I.want to see more weapon variety, snubnosed 38, derringer, undetectable by frisking. 1911 colt, desert eagle, uzi 9mm et,knives and other stabbing weapons. The unlocks at the moment are terrible I really don’t know what IOI are thinking. What’s next a new tie? Come on give us the goods. The suits should have special attributes to them like kevlar etc. Get rid of the futuristic crap please thanks.


Smooth segway. Think it’ll work?. :grinning:


Not even a little but one can try :wink:.


Actually I laughed at it. So at least it worked that way lol.


ahhhh yes. They could have had a Derringer challenge. One head shot for both targets. Hide body. .


I don’t understand why there is no custom gear options for things like this

It would also add more unlocks too


Totally. We don’t even have the next unlock for escalation contracts yet. Its not that hard. But I hate those stupid guns they are giving us. Reskined weapons? Really?
We want a good desert eagle. A bulletproof vest. Some knives. Gloves.
Just give us some extra motivation to keep replaying the game, not those stupid challenge packs like the Vampire Magician one.


Proper Hitman stuff. Not kids toys. I know they can do it!! Please for the love of Assassination. Every other Hitman they nailed the extensive amount of weaponry so why not this one?


While i agree with your overall point, the new HITMAN has more variety in weapons than H2 so far relatively.


but we have a broken audio distraction device and 2 explosive ducks…:grinning:


Oh my god! Unnecesary gear instead of basic weapons! So cool!


No it has not. 20 chars


There were around 18 different firearms as I recall in SA. This one I think there’s about 8 or 10?


Yes it does. H2 had 20 missions, this hitman will have 7, so i rounded it up to a 3:1 ratio, which lead to the following:

Hitman has more weaponry now, relatively.