No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Its a matter of quality, not quantity


That has no relation to variety in the weaponry whatsoever?[quote=“Fortheseven, post:272, topic:7193”]
Hitman has more weaponry now, relatively.

It doesn’t. Reskinned guns, different versions of the same guns don’t count.


Ah so i gave you the numbers, and now it’s about quality?

Fine: We got the breaching charge now, arguably the most useful tool/weapon there is.


You are implying I once said there were not enough guns. I never said that. Please don’t do that, you are just embarrassing yourself.
What I said was “I hate those stupid guns they are giving us. Reskined weapons? Really?
We want a good desert eagle. A bulletproof vest. Some knives. Gloves.”


It does…

Both have several snipers, shotguns and smg’s so far, but the new hitman also offers explosives and poisons -> more variety in weaponry

Anyway, i’m not arguing against more variety here, just pointed out so far the new hitman has more weapon variety than H2 relatively, and i hope they will add several more.


What? 20 characters…


I agree that you can’t really count duplicated guns or say each duck etc.


That’s what started it. So while i agree with the overall point for more and better weaponry, i just responded to tobiasrieper.48 who said every other Hitman game so far nailed it, stated that we only had 2 missions so far, which u can compare to the first 6 missions of H2. From there i compared the weapons that were available at that point for both games, and showed that the new HITMAN has more variety so far, relatively.

Hope you understand my point now.


Thanks that was a good answer and I see your point. I’m just massively disappointed in the weapons department of the game as of now. Sure hope we’ll get some more exciting stuff down the road


Thanks. I understand your dissapointment, but imo it’s partly due to the fact that we are stuck at this 2nd episode atm. Imagine judging the weapon arsenal of H2 after the first 6 levels… Ofcourse it feels like it’s lacking. So imo just wait untill we have acces to all the levels and therefor weapons, and then we can make a fair judgement about the weapons.


Yeah, we have like four of the same pistol and two of each explosive type. :smile: I definitely feel like the weapons selection is this game is a bunch of skins on the same stuff so far. Seems pretty shallow.


Yeah definitely on the bright side it can only get better right? :smile:.


So far I only liked the 1911 from the Beta. the fantasy purple weapons I hate the guts out of it. If they were black they were more than ok. But purple? Or the other ones with silly cameo.
It was better if the unlocks were better version of the NPC weapons, the realistic ones.


I’ve no idea why they’ve gone that route, black weapons are perfectly fine and more aesthetic. They look like toys currently. If they’re going to give us the same version of weapons with a camo pattern and custom sight, it starts to clutter the inventory select screen and seems like a waste of an unlock.

Weapon customization would get rid of this. We could have one gun, then just add/remove colors, sights, suppressors, etc. They could then instead make unlocks different attachments/color patterns/ammo types and what not. Of course I’d also rather have a money system to just buy the custom stuff but I don’t see that happening.


I kind of have to wonder about that comment about weapon customization being outside of their creative vision for the game. What exactly is the creative philosophy behind the game’s guns when there’s camo patterns but not weapon customization?

I mean, I think the game can be totally fine without weapon customization, as cool as it was in the other games, but variants of already-weak guns differentiated by camo patterns? What? How long was this planned? Did it make more sense in an earlier stage of development?


Where did you read that? If they don’t want to include weapon customization, fine, but it’s just stupid when we unlock customized versions of the same gun that look atrocious.


The most recent Twitch stream. Not an exact quote.


I see. That seems to be the place to go for answers sometimes. I think it’s sort of a cop out answer though, I really liked Blood Money’s system. Absolution’s wasn’t bad either.


I figure by this time next year IO developers will probably spill the beans on why so many awkward changes happened.

Camo guns are silly. They even clash with 47’s character model. He’s been shooting people for a long time. We as players learn throughout the games he spends a ton of money on his own firearms. Way more than even really necessary. Because he just wants perfection. An extension of his own character.

A random glock clone with an extended magazine dropped in an urban camo paint bucket doesn’t scream perfection even if it is the company’s slogan. Lol.

I see 47 without gloves or dual Silverballers as out of character. He’s not James Bond. He’s a clone who is extremely serious about his profession. As such, he dresses and equips himself with what are his best tools.

IO doesn’t completely feel that way anymore and that’s fine. But they shouldn’t be surprised when fans like you and I are not mad, just disappointed. But there’s always soon in the coming weeks right? :wink:


no please, i don’t want to be running around with an M4 assimov in a hitman game