No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


This^ THIS^ Is what we don’t like


Yeah, the camo pattern to me screams “tacticool” and that doesn’t fit his character at all. However, if it were an option and I could customize the gun whichever way I wanted, I wouldn’t really care. As it is now, it fits with the jokey feel of the game.

I didn’t even know what that was so I googled it and it looks like a terrible camo pattern gun from Counter Strike…something we’ve already got ingame so I agree with you. The whole point of weapon customization is to give us individual choice to make it look the way we want and personally I’d just go all black.

Regarding the M4, we already have that and it’s all black. I’m confused by the 2 round burst and the way they made it sound though, sounds very unlike a rifle if that makes sense, atleast compared to the agency unlock assault rifle. Same goes for the Jaeger Lancer variant, reminds me of counter strike 1.6 sound effects. Very dated and gamey, not authentic at all…ahh I’m going off topic now lol


They actually expected us to like the fact that they totally replaced the “player weapons customization” with their own “new versions every mastery level”. Don’t know who thought of it as a good idea, but sure as hell that now he knows it was bad…


Would love for them to explain to us the decision to go with purple for the colour of the guns, can’t imagine there being a good reason somehow though. The duplicated guns with camo etc IMO are just a big cop out to avoid spending time making new better weapons. Seriously though to be inside of the head of these people when they sat and thought I know purple sounds like a good idea.


Well it’s a bit strange why they’ve done that. I can understand the “Absolution” suit because 47 sometimes didn’t have this gloves on in some missions but for the “Blood Money” suit it will be a bit weird because 47 always had his gloves on in that game?

Instead of two versions with and without gloves they could have included 47’s “open collar” suit from Terminus Hotel and Run for your Life.


After seeing an image posted further up, I can say that I will no longer be happy with just a suit with gloves; I want a closed jacket variant as well :joy:


Don’t worry. They will do that. O yes they will. 20 Elusives for the Absolution Alcoholic Suit


I think we have to push IOI to answer this things. In the Twitch streams I see a lot of people praising the game (wich is fine, I do that too) but too few people actually pushing with the questions they play dumb and never answer.
I feel disappointed and betrayed with decisions like the DRM wich they never ever anticipated. What are this guys turning into? EA? That was an awful move…


I’d really like that suit, gives off a max payne vibe and would look cool for a killing spree run.

There really isn’t. By the way, didn’t we have a developer a couple months back state they’d fix the sights on the TAC-SMG in a future update? I’m pretty sure one of the variants in game still has the front and rear sights backwards.


Yes they did say they would fix the sights but not sure if they have or not I don’t really use them.


IOI updated info about new suits by the elusive contracts news.

Here is a some info:

We know that Elusive Targets are not going to be easy, they were designed that way. If you can prove yourself, you’ll earn in-game rewards for completing multiple Elusive Target contracts. You will receive the first reward for successfully completing 5 Elusive Target contracts and the reward will be the signature suit from Hitman: Absolution. The reward for completing 10 Elusive Target contracts is the signature suit from Blood Money. Future rewards will include versions of those suits with gloves. Check out the signature HMA suit below.


Haha dude did you even read the thread? :sweat_smile: did you not notice the date on the blog post?
That link is literally in the first post of this thread


This thread is literally about that link you just posted :smile: thanks for sharing though.


Yup. My mistake.
Sorry about that.


Well I guess it was one variant of 47’s suits so I’m guessing it will be a part of the game depending on how many Elusive Contracts there releasing??


Assuming they will follow the same unlock routine at least 20 to get the gloved versions of the absolution and blood money suits.


Part of me is highly annoyed I have to do 20 Elusives. But the other part of me realizes IO have to actually make 20+ of these relatively quickly. So either everything will crash and burn in spectacular fashion or IO will prove themselves as finally making large goals possible. Either way I’m entertained.


We’re close to the 3rd episode and we’ve had no major updates so far. No big gameplay changes, no new features, just “patches” that break more things than they fix. Right now the audio in the game is broken, it was fine before the last patch.

I’m wondering if we’re ever going to reach the stage where real changes start happening. Not just tiny fixes and slight changes that should have been in the game from the beginning, I’m talking about real features like customization, a sniper briefcase, better unlocks that are more frequentl, and that’s just to name a few.


There is a huge part of me that’s hoping with some Elusive they will gave us the Iconic Silverballer and not this ICA… thing
And speaking about iconic I think the WA2000 could be unlocked by Elusives and not Mastery. Which sucks if for some reason you don’t have internet at home for a month
But not that I’m thinking. The mastery level is online right? So you are screwed in both ways.
And it sucks even and even more if the suitcase is unlocked by mastery or elusive :frowning:


episode 3 will be SOON