No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


How about that…features that were in previous titles. No reason they shouldn’t already be in. Agreed 100%

I’ve seen you post about this before. What exactly is different from this one than say the one from Contracts or Blood Money? It looks the same to me. The one in silent assassin had a chrome finish with black grip, would be cool to see that one again. You can see it in the legacy trailer when he shoots the strip club target.


Everything is wrong about it. Its not the one we or more likely me is used to. Its very very different from the ones in Contracts, Blood Money and Absolution.
But its just me maybe that loves so much the Silverballer that knows every detail about it

And the one from the legacy trailer is just another 45 ACP gun with the logo on it


I looked at a few pictures and it looks identical to the one in Absolution. Not exactly a gun expert though.

What I don’t care for are these stupid camo patterns and blue agency guns!


Lack of iconic marks as the logo

Front and rear sight are different.

A thin rail connecting the front and rear sight is missing.

Different hammer

The trigger is a different model.

Extended slide stop is not there. But just a normal one (not extended)

And the medallion. In the other games the logo on the grip was silver. In this version its black.

The only thing that remains from the original Silverballer is the Pachmayr American Lengend grips
But even mor than this. I hate the fantasy weapons and cameo like you


This is Crappy to hear, as i’ve been waiting to unlock the gloved versions of 47’s suits SINCE launch… Meh, come on IOI. Really? Yes, 47 without his trademark gloves does bother me, he feels like he’s “missing” something…Or partially nude or something. -_-


You are correct. Most notable is the rear sight, stands out pretty badly.


If it was what ever else called like ICA 45 ACP then its ok. But not the ICA Silverballer which is not


and recoil spring guide

Im confusing :frowning:


Yes. I wanted to point out that too but I was too lazy to search for the imagines. Good job.

Now do people see how different it is?


I’ve always thought it looks different. I want dual silverballers and WA 2000 please. All in a nice briefcase. How awesome would it be to walk around Sapienza with that briefcase?


Not enough to make me have a nervous breakdown.


But all the evidence of all the differences are there.


Fuck the WA 2000, gimme the custom rifle.

@badeaguard Sure they look slightly different, but i don’t think many people care as much about it as you do. (not that it is wrong that u do)


The one that you get the snipers have in At The Gates in SA?


Yes and in Hidden Valley. So basically the WA 2000 but silenced.


For me the fact that the Silverballer is different is huge as this topic that we unlock iconic suits with no gloves.


Yes i know, you made that clear multiple times :stuck_out_tongue:


And with that huge scope. So pretty much the modified WA 2000. Oh yeah tottaly agree needs to be silenced.


Yeah the superior version of the WA 2000, never found the original to be that great.

But i could do without a mission like Hidden Valley to obtain it :stuck_out_tongue:


And I have to add. In the alpha the original Silverballer was there with the briefcase. Deep inside me there is this hope that we are going to unlock the original sooner or later. But mostly later