No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Is it just me or are these unlocks pretty crappy? Should be given to us anyway. That’s alot of elusive targets. I think they are making a mockery oooh twenty elusives later have the same suit with GLOVES! It’s a small detail that doesn’t really give you anything new in the game apart from aesthetic purposes. Yeah it’s nice but maybe lower the prerequisite number of elusives you have to do.


Shooting a ninja and hoping he falls out the window to drop it just right hahaha


I think they are only doing this so they have something to give back. Like some one said here it was cool in the old games when you receive silenced pistols as a reward for completing Silent Assassin.


Haha yeah, allthough that was easier to do in At the Gates. But the reason i despised Hidden Valley was because of that bug that caused one of those trucks to run over a ninja, and this counted against u. So random.



Oh definitely. But silenced pistols are alot more fun and useful than gloves. I think so anyway.


Speaking of weapons. This one is from the trailer A world of assassination. Look how many weapons are there that we still don’t have. Are we ever going to have them or this is just a concept?

But only now I realize that this trailer and this clip from the trailer is a glimpse at the weapons that awaits us if we complete Elusive’s. Ready to bet on this theory?


We only had 2 missions so far out of 7 in total, u could compare that to the first 6 missions of H2. Pretty sure we will get at least half of those weapons during the main missions.

The rewards for Elusives so far seem to be outfits, while the reward of escalations was a (shitty) weapon.

So no i wouldn’t bet on that theory.


Why does the Collectors edition Agent 47 “Chessmaster” statue have gloves while 47 doesn’t in the game? Just a little detail I think is funny.


It’s probably just a concept. If we unlock anymore guns they’ll probably be purple too.


@Travis_IOI Any chance you could enlighten us on why the guns are purple?


And if that choice will ever change


It’s to honor Prince. :smile:


I doubt that sure we had the guns before he died :sweat_smile:.


Oh, what guns are you talking about then? I never came across purple guns. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because the game follows an old MMOG tradition:
Purple = best item


Because they were designed by Marie Schrader


Looks like we bitched enough to have them now.
I so happy :smiley: And look how sexy he looks


So sexy. I made it my phone background :smile:


Yes! I still consider there should have been there since release, but I can’t say I’m not happy because they took action to actually adress the lack of gloves.
Now let’s wait for dual Silverballers :grin: