No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Yes, the original Silverballer. Or at least called them Absolution Silverballers.
But I don’t think we are going to have it any time soon. I guess there should be an animation for holding 2 guns in both hands so… I don’t have my hopes high for that.
I just can’t wait to wear that suit. It will make me feel more a Hitman at last.


“A common (white) gun would be average, an uncommon (green) would be slightly above average, a rare (blue) would be a premium gun, a very rare (purple) would be a very strong gun, and legendary (orange) guns are second only to pearlescent. The rarity of each gun is indicated by color as stated on the page of each gun.” -Borderlands weapon colors

IOI should go with orange color…


At least an unsilenced Silverballer. Or the ability to remove the silencer…


Wait is this going to be the unlock for five elusives now then? If so I’m really happy and stoked to wear that suit. One more thing why does he have one tiny hand and one huge shovel hand :smile:.


Too much left fapping. Naughty 47.


And too much fisting with the right one.


Yes official, you can check it out on their news website or Facebook page. I was so so happy when I saw it


Yeah I saw it already thanks still can’t get o really how fucked up that picture of 47 is :smile:.


Yep. a quick photoshop I guess. But it looks beautiful from a distance


You’d think they would have just copied some of the animations from Absolution.


They did and unfortunately it was the worst ones.

That would be nice.


“why do people on hmf complain so much? hurr durr”


I think IO removed gloves from 47’s signature suit on purpose so they could bring back gloves and tie pin now as elusive target unlock.


Probably it would not surprise me.


Was the gloves in the Alpha? I can’t remember.



(Can we make an exception of 20 Characters for No’s and Yes’s)






How are you only typing 2 characters?
And when are you gonna get a profile pic? Lol :smile:


Haha good question, hold on, let me fix that!