No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Yeah, I wish the 20 characters thing will just go away. I don’t see a point in it tbh





Happy now? I’m not, annoying little circle :s


who are you? that white F with pink background was your personality man!




Haha i know right? I feel like i betrayed a part of me.


Tell me your secrets. How do I bypass the 20 character rule?

@Fortheseven and yes nice pic. Much better.


write a spoiler tag without anything in it

edit: shout out to @Spoderman


Nice trick… Found out myself… HAHAHA now 20 Chars limit you shall fear my wrath…




How do you add the spoiler tag? :joy: I don’t even know how to blur the text. I can’t find a thread that explains this.

It’s nice to see that IO listens to us! I also hope they’ll add rewards for escalations again! :open_hands:



This, but with a bracket at the end.


A shoutout?


It works with the preformatted code also or posting an empty picture

<img src="/uploads/hitmanforum/original/2X/5/55099f63375efdd3ffda35ef65ab53ad5636ddf2.png" width="464" height="239">


You guys have zero respect for the established rules, laws and regulations of this land. There is a sacred reason behind every administrative and procedural decision, including “20 char”, and you guys just find all kinds of ways to bypass it and piss on it.

SHAME ON YOU! :rage:



Urgh I hate that woman so much


Don’t worry, the mountain will rape her, kill her children, and then cut her body in half with his greatsword. Just like Elia.


‘I raped her. I murdered her. I killed her children.’ - The Mountain, 2014 :frowning: