No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


I wonder was it added because we bitched enough or was it always planned. Being that the gloves are in the marketing I am not really sure. I think it helped speed it up but imo would have been added at some point regardless.


I believe they changed their opinion because of our discontent with the amount of Elusive Targets that would take to get the gloves.


I think its for the first reason. Because they clearly said that the gloves will be unlock further with Elusive’s.


Either way we are getting the gloves!!


The elusives apparently came out later than expected, so I’m sure they listened to feedback and hastened the process accordingly. I’m sure everyone is glad that they can get the gloves early on and then leisurely wait for further bonus suits wthout stressing about the gloves.


What did I missed about the gloves?


The first elusive unlock after five successful completions will be Absolution suit with gloves and tie pin.

if that is what you missed!


So they changed their original idea? Good to hear.


Well, they gotta keep the fan base happy. So yeah, as much as HMF and other places bitched about it, I’m not surprised they changed it. :smile:


Which meams now we can prepare for even more whining from jumped up fanboys who now firmly believe that the louder they scream the more likely they’ll be listened to.


please stop. this just sounds foolish and salty


Can’t wait for that Blood Money suit. They also mentioned on stream that they wanted people who played all of the elusives to have more suits that were “iconic” in their own words. I’m kind of excited to know what they have in mind.

Does anyone know if there are any real differences between the suits in Silent Assassin, Contracts, and Blood Money that would warrant them being an unlock?


That’s Quinn. It’s just the way it is…


I’m fine with the change in principal, I mean it’s such an inconsequential issue to me that I don’t mind either way. I just don’t like the precedent it sets with regards to the mindset that complaining as loudly and overbearingly as possible is a surefire way to get what you want from a video game developer.

For huge, gamebreaking issues, sure - I can understand making a lot of noise. But for a mere aesthetic change like a pair of gloves?


Wouldnt you complain if they remove the Barcode? Im fine that he wears other outfits in each location, but if i want to use his “iconic signature Suit” i also want the damn gloves.


Exactly. Its iconic for 47 to have the barcode, the gloves and the Silverballers


If whining gets us cool things in the game that lots of people want I’m all for it whine away.


just ignore him. the more we acknowledge him the more he spreads his toxic behavior


You needn’t worry. IO is just giving us the bottle.

When it comes to something core to their vision (always online, points system vs money) no amount of whining will change it.

They have proven their resolve! Haha


How? Is it some hack from the files? Like you already have them but need to access some thing in order to ulnlock it?
Looks so strange with out gloves