No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Hmmm that’s a bit weird??

Obviously IO have announced were getting 47’s Absolution suit with his gloves but I wonder how they managed to get it without the gloves?


Here;s the thing about the barcode - It was tattooed onto the back of his head from his creation, marking him as the property of Ort Meyer. 47 broke out of that shadow but it will always be a part of him.

There’s a deep, intrinsic meaning and purpose to the barcode that interweaves with 47’s characterization and is a core part of it. Gloves are just… gloves.


I agree they are “just gloves” but honestly they never should have been removed in the first place.

Just like his barcode and red tie, they are “iconic” and while yes, they are just gloves, 47 is known for it. Now that they are bringing them back, are we supposed to believe we’re now getting extra “content?” :roll_eyes: No… We’re getting something that never should have been removed in the first place and now their passing it off as an unlock, extra content or "reward. Lol

Anyway, I’m not gonna get in a huge debate over this, because yes, at the end of the day, sure…they are just gloves, but don’t try to pass it off as extra content that’s bull.

Not complaining either, just stating my opinion. Either way I’m personally glad they are back.


Starting suits in this game make sense so far.

In Paris you are going to an event where gloves would be odd.

In Sapienza it’s hot so gloves would be odd again with the white shirt.

In Marrakesh same thing.

As an unlock the suit with gloves is cool.

Would be awesome if npcs comments on the gloves and full suits in the levels.

Like nice gloves man must be sweaty.


I remember one of the guys saying during the livestream that we “shouldn’t get our hopes up” in regards to getting the dual silverballers. It’s little things like this that just make me ask “why?”. I’m not really angry about the lack of dual silverballers just as I wasn’t really angry about the lack of gloves. It just makes you ask “why?”.

What the hell was the point of not giving us dual silverballers or gloves from the start? They actually answered the question about the sniper suitcase saying it was a physics issue which they are fixing, which is fine and understandable.

But what is the point of not including stuff like the dual ballers in the game? So we can get it later and act like it’s new content? That’s what it feels like. As if we’re supposed to be glad that we are getting things that should have been in the game from the start. The dual ballers have been in literally ever other game, even Absolution, which was dispised amongst Hitman fans. I’m not even mad about it, it’s just bizarre to think that someone is making these strange choices not to include certain things that fans of the game like. Human shields was apparently a balance issue, but honestly if you think the combat in game is balanced you are kidding yourself. It literally takes like 5 shots before 47 dies in this game, there is no combat, because the AI are dumb as hell but as soon as they are in combat mode they become aiming gods, every shot they fire while you are out of cover will hit you, so as soon as you get spotted there’s no point to continue playing because you’re probably dead anyway. I actually don’t really mind this because combat was always supposed to be a last resort in the Hitman games, but giving us no chance of surviving in a combat situation is just annoying. If you’re going to give 47 such low health, at least give us the ability to take a human shield as protection, because you won’t survive in a shootout with the AI in the game being as they are now. You peek out of cover for a millisecond and it’s over, every single NPC with a gun hits you instantly.


You ever try sliding down a pipe with leather gloves? Lol


You have a skin condition or something?

What color are your gloves? Those are onyx, right? Yeah, that’s what I though, onyx.

My proctologist wears those as well.

Dude, driving gloves? You own a motorcycle?

Hey guy, you have to realize you look kind of intimidating, right? Those gloves aren’t really helping.

And so on…


Nice gloves man what are you some kind of contract killer?


Those aren’t the old gloves. - scourge reference.


Well ok then. Lol


You are absolutely right. Specially about the dual silverballers. Is really lazy for them not to include thise in the game.


You clearly have no idea how game development works.


Oh really? Because I’m asking for a feature the was in every other installment of the franchise? Please, enlighten me


It still looks cool even without the gloves imo.


It looks the same as the other suit to me except it has a tie pin :grinning:.


True, but it seems to have a darker color than the signature suit. Not sure tho.


Yeah, 47 has 10 Suits, 5 in Black and 5 in dark black :wink:


Actually, the suit that 47’s uses in Contracts looks more like Charcoal Gray to me.


and the suit in absolution is more like “Navy Blue” suit with “Dark Red” tie.

Maybe the next reward, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin suit, will have “flying tie”.


Gotta love those physics.