No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


No, because you think they’re lazy for not being able to include them for whatever reason, so you must have no idea about limitations such as time/budget constraints, etc.


There’s a deep, intrinsic meaning and purpose to the barcode that interweaves with 47’s characterization and is a core part of it. Gloves are just… gloves.

I don’t really care about the reward sfor the Elusive targets because is either use the Requiem suit or level-based one. Yet I think that giving the players no-gloves variations of the suits first was a bad idea. If you tell people that they can unlock the suits from Absolution and Blood Money one would except them to look like they did in these games. If you remove the gloves they aren’t the same suits, just similar ones.


Maybe you don’t mean to say “lazy”, but I always wince when I see that said about game developers.

It took me hours and hours to make my shitty LittleBigPlanet level. When you’re making games to the standards of HITMAN, you’re not lazy, haha,


There is an OJ Simpson joke in here somewhere… like:

“If the gloves don’t fit, this game’s gone to shit.”


I agree limitations exist. But so what? We paid for a game before it was fully fonctionnal. We accepted the episodic release because we were promised “à Fully polished game”. So I do NOT want to hear “such feature could have been in the game… If we had the Time and the money” BITCH (sorry) it’s your job and we paid for it I dont wanna hear excuses based on issues caused by the very format release we unwillingly agreed to support.
More seriously (and “chillfuly”), if technical issues are reasons to cut out stuff that USED to be here in previous games despite the episodic release I’m never gonna buy any “fully polished game” until I can confirm they really deliver

But sorry this is off topic. I’m just glad we’re getting gloves


This suit would be perfect if they add a handkerchief…


You can’t be serious.



‘I don’t want to hear that there are budget or time constraints! I want it in the game now! I don’t give a shit if it’s physically impossible, give me it!’ - @mr_johnson, 2016


“I paid for the game so i demand it lives up to every unreasonable expectation i can come up with, no matter what.”

“Also i was physically forced to jump in early with the episodic release, i had no choice in this whatsoever.”


His arms are still abnormally long too :joy:


I’m not asking for incredible changes such as “redo all Level design” or “UPGRADE graphics pliz” or not even to rethink the whole points system. I’m only talking about stuff that WAS here

Édit : are YOU two serious difforming stuff I say into ridiculous shit?


Funny, seems the same to me.


Dude please. Do you mean whatever They do not implement you would not be mad?


I’d appreciate it if you could edit that to make it a little easier to understand


I’m having troubles expressing myself sorry. But think about it this way : what would you say if the game was the same today and in 6 months than it was at release, with all the glitches, missing features etc
And they’d say “the game we are giving you is a polished experience, we will not change it because we have to use our ressources for the next levels”?


They are already acknowledging glitches/bugs and told us that they are working on it. What you’re doing is demanding/expecting features from old games just because you paid for the full game. They have to set priorities, which means some features won’t make it into this game. You feel you have the “right” to get those features, which is pretty self entitled, and a wrong mindset which will only set you up to get dissapointed. It’s unreasonable.

I think you are a nice guy, i just disagree with like 80% of the stuff you say on this forum.


Thanks for rephrasing that :slight_smile:

I’m honestly not sure how I’d feel. I wouldn’t really mind if they focused on future levels, since I love the game in its current state anyway.


Sorry I wasnt only talking about dual silverballers. Indeed the fact that it was in previous games doesnt mean it HAS to be here again.
I had in mind briefcase and human shield. It was here (in Alpha I mean). It’s already designed and animated (well maybe not the briefcase), it was functionnal, but there were some glitches. I’m upset about this. "We’d rather remove the glitchy feature everyone BITCHES about (you may notice I don’t that much) on internet than fix it"
I imagine if they did that with some other feature. Let’s say hiding bodies in containers. We’d have to hide them “old school” behind furniture and such. “We wanted to give a conceal option but the bodies are physic based so sometimes they jumped out of containers”… I’d be like “say whaaaaat?”


Well, almost 2 years later we have no briefcase, no Absolution Silverballer and no dual pistol.
But they added gloves to every single outfit that doesn’t really need them :grin:


inb4 “they’ll be in Season 2!”