No gloves in Absolution and Blood Money suit


Lol I think that’s the case. I don’t know if everything is coming on S2, but I’d say definitely the briefcase.
Otherwise, they would just keep adding maps without dividing it in seasons. I think the season concept is to implement bigger changes than what they can on a tight schedule.


Thanks for reminding us :expressionless:


A briefcase is pointless as it would make snipering far too easy. There’s no challenge have carried around.


LMFAO that killed me.


Pointless? What? The fact that you can carry a sniper around without being suspicious is absurd, when all that guards carry is a handgun. Plus is a way to smuggle weapons inside a restricted area.
Makes me wonder if you’ve ever played another Hitman before.


Even if it did make it easier, it would still take up a slot. And it’s all about options :open_hands: You don’t ‘have’ to use it


A lot of us don’t like having smuggle boxes as the only sniping system. IO had this really unique, creative idea that became iconic because it was cool and slick. Then they swapped it out with the most basic, bare-bones system imaginable. It’s like you’ve been watching Clint Eastwood films your whole life, and in his next film they replace him with Shia Labouf. I’m sure he’d do a technically fine enough job, but it’s not Eastwood.

Also, it’s still on the cover of the damn game.


Say all what you want, we will get our suitcase, and it was held back to not waste all gunpowder to season 1.


It looks like that’s where we are now, but in the beginning it seems like they intended to put it into season 1. It was in the alpha, and it’s on the cover of the game. Torben said on stream last year that they just couldn’t make it work, so at a certain point they probably accepted that it would work better as a season 2 thing. But we have every right to be a little bummed that it’s been nearly two years and it’s still not coming for a while yet.


I like the way it is now. Sorry but there’s no challenge with sniper in suitcase. It would just feel easy mode.


Being on the cover doesn’t mean jack. It’s called selling a game.


It really does mean something, the briefcase was notably absent from Absolution. People noticed, and didn’t like it. So they throw it on the cover of the next game and put it in alpha because they don’t intend to use it? There are certain things about the game that were held back because of technical issues, and it seems like this was one of them. If IO had no real development issues, I imagine it would have been there since Paris launch.


If the briefcase was to make a comeback, I hope IOI do 1 of 2 things.


1: make the briefcase exclusive for story mode


2: if added to all modes like contracts, add complication “no briefcase”. That way the smuggle point would still need to be used for the sniper and the puzzle element is saved for a puzzle Contract.


Yeah I think having the contract-creator decide would be the best path.


New complication: Dont use the briefcase



Some artwork he has two guns but there is no option for it. Same difference. Leave it alone. Hitman works fine without it.


i havent seen any Artwork for Hitman All Caps featuring two Pistols and i dont miss the double Ballers, never used them anyway.


Which artworks? Didn’t see any. Anyway, if you don’t like the briefcase, don’t use it.


How is having the briefcase any easier than just starting out with a guard disguise and conspicuously having a sniper rifle stuck to your back?

We’ve had the briefcase in every Hitman game, and it’s worked fine. They were doing to include it in H6, but were apparently constrained by technical issues. They even teased us with a Hitman Briefcase PS4! We’ll get it sooner or later, and then we’ll have the CHOICE of using it.

By any objective standard, more options means more diverse playthroughs, and that’s always what makes Hitman appealing.


Puzzle element in a suit only contracts mode. It ruins it.

Suit only puzzle element. Featured Contract Foretold is ruined by the briefcase alone.