No More Maps in the USA For 'HITMAN 3'

I think most people not from the US would agree with me. Throughout HITMAN & HITMAN 2 we’ve received 13 maps total (not including the ICA Training Facility and Sniper Maps). Four of those maps have been located in the USA (Colorado, Miami, Whittleton Creek and New York). That is just about one third of the missions taking place in one nation. Now before any American HF members get offended, just imagine if any other country had almost 33% of the missions set in them. Nothing to do with the US as a country. I’d be saying the same if four out of thirteen maps took place in Namibia, Bhutan, the Netherlands, or China (another world super power). I’d like to see H3 have maps that feature nations not yet visited by 47 in these later releases. Especially since the majority of BM and all of Absolution were also set in the US.


I’ve been saying this since the game came out. Especially because we could’ve gotten something really interesting with Austria as a standalone map, instead of a sniper map.


47 goes to the opera in Vienna…


No worries, guys.
HITMAN 3 will be entirely held in USA. In America (maybe even both) at least


God have mercy on us all…


IO isn’t making the game just for this forum

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IO is punishing us for requesting ‘accent localisation’

Us in 2016: Make it so people actually have the accents of the country they’re in!
IO for H2 and beyond: Sure, we can do that… :smiling_imp:


IOI: Time to dust off those voice files from Absolution


Didn’t you notice old Absolution lines and even same voices in recent 2 HITMAN games?
I did


I didn’t realize there were people demanding more levels in the US of A. Please, forgive me for offending you IOI

I have done a great wrong and must now commit Seppuku


I think I care more about varied looking locations, rather than what country they’re in. For example Miami and New York are very different maps, each with a very different feel. That’s more what I care about. I’d be fine with zero US missions or fine with a few, as long as they feel different and unique. I’d love a Hollywood movie lot for example, or a shopping mall, and those would probably be in the US. I’d also love a snowy Russian map or an Africa safari camp too though. I just want cool stuff. :smiley:


I know they did, played enough of Absolution to notice them all and hate them at the same time. Felt like playing Oblivion sometimes…
Using old material is one thing but overusing the way they did it is another. Specially this guy’s voice
Heard it so much from playing the last 3 Hitman games that I doubt I’ll ever forget it.


If IO must insist on putting in more US levels at least pick parts of The States that are underused like Vermont. But yes we should go some where else like Australia. Why bother with the USA when you can got to the AUS!


Ok, but every NPC is voiced by Bernie Sanders


Yes! We can do the same for any future New York levels too!

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No, for New York levels, all NPCs are voiced by Robert De Niro and Bill De Blasio

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Fine but if we ever go to Texas (technically “If we ever go to Texas again”) then the protagonists should be voiced by Chuck Norris and Beto O’Rourke.

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Nononono, all Texas NPCs must be voiced by Tex Watson and Woody Harrelson

I was going to say Matt Stone, but I can’t stand listening to that cunt for 90 seconds, let alone 90 fucking minutes

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Matt Stone? You mean the South Park guy?

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I mean, do you know another Matt Stone from Texas?