No More Maps in the USA For 'HITMAN 3'

Oh God whenever Hitman does a “ripped from the headlines” mission it goes as well as when The X-Files does it.

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I’m all for a China level, but they should really include another flamingo-type mascot in the level.

A certain bear character, maybe…

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Ursa Major from Marvel’s Winterguard team? Are you sure that isn’t a tad obscure?

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I was talking about this bear

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Again ignoring the obvious choice.


Accidental-kills98, could you help me with this issue?Trailer.bik in game's folder,no way to get to see in PC version of the game?

Wait a minute… I thought 47 worked for Sergei till Saint-Petersburg Revisited. Helping the terrorist to get nuclear warheads isn’t exactly about world-saving.

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Sergei manipulated the ICA into having 47 kill the targets in order to gather all the components for the nuclear missiles then kill his associates so he could sell the missiles to the Doomsday cult who then stole the device. The ICA (and forced by the UN), having none of that manipulation shit, sent him to kill Sergei and then the Sicilian showdown.

Either way 47 ensures the missiles can’t be used, kills a bunch of international criminals who had high-grade military nuclear technologies and state secrets then kills the man with the international arms-smuggling ring powerful enough to procure nuclear missiles in the first place.

Where was it stated he intended to sell warheads to the Cult? I thought he wanted to use them on his own. Must have missed that part.

I forgot. But he wanted to sell them to the cult (or was it Punjabi insurrectionists?) but the cult stole the payload because… Well because it is cheaper and it creates more tension hence the India missions. Then the UN is like “You fucking morons! You have been working for an international weapons smuggler with WMDs and chemical weapons. Can you kill him you idiots?” hence the end game.

I think Hitman 2 is the only game to show the UN do anything to help with world peace.

It was obvious stereotypical satire :slight_smile:

Meh - but Prague’d be good location. Seeing how nice they made Paris.

The virus was more to protect 47 and ICA, and the majority of people affected would be in larger cities with celebrities, CEOs, etc. Although I would assume that a couple of Caruso’s childhood bullies would still be in Sapi, so maybe


Winnie the Pooh was basis for Xi

Countries for Hitman 3 must have been set in stone long ago, so I wouldn’t keep any hopes up about them changing any of incoming maps’ locations for the next game.

I think the reason behind choosing USA destinations is mostly because of mainstream movies. Almost all blockbuster films about secret agencies, men in black and conspiracy theories are based on the Western World. Then thinking about the West and the size of countries there’s really only one huge nation standing out that is also well known and controversial in media. It’s so natural and easy to feature a map in some part of USA for Hitman. It will sell.
For instance, Miami, Whittleton Creek and New York seem to be very popular and liked. Is it all due to interesting and exciting level development? Or does the fact that their are designed to be USA maps play a great role in this success?

I think we can expect a UK mission; one of the targets is a British lady based in UK, and while she could have fled to go into hiding, I doubt she’d go to USA to hide so we’re already assured of non USA missions, plus they already have British voicelines so they really don’t have an excuse not to do UK.

Europe is more interesting, so I agree.

Well we have no clue as to IoS international status. Given there seem to be icebergs I would say IoS is in international waters but close to the normal boundaries of the UK.

I think the main reason for having so many USA mission, is that you can use the same voice actors and don’t have to hire new people for every single level. Maybe I’m wrong, but only time will tell.

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Maybe it is a private island sort of deal like how Richard Branson owns a British Virgin Island (yes he does and yes he most likely did it intentionally) or David Copperfield owning a Bahamanian Island? (Made his money disappear) Is this how private islands work?

Not that it matters. Jet Black said England not Scotland