No More Maps in the USA For 'HITMAN 3'

Ok, give me another location and I’ll provide the VAs

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I want Utah with everyone voiced by the Osmond twins.

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Everyone is voiced by James Woods and Roseanne Barr, and all the NPCs are unbelievably racist


New Jersey but everyone is Patrick Warburton and Bruce Springsteen.

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Everyone is voiced by Chris Christie and their voices are cranked up to 150 decibels

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I want Vegas
I don’t give a damn if the rest of H3 is in the US or on the moon, I just want to walk the strip in Hitman.

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i don’t get why IO use so many American VAs and locations when they’re based in Denmark and Sweden? at least if they overused Danish/Swedish accents/locales it would make sense, but why the USA? lol

Probably because America is the largest Western nation in the world with the most people on hand to record voice lines for cheap, in a language most of the world speaks, ease of access and high safety for location scouting and is central in the affairs of the world from a narrative stand point.

Also I love the new status you gave yourself.


In the HITMAN Bible in every sequel in the reboot the US Locations Increase By 1 Per Game so in HITMAN 3 we will see rural America, Detroit’s poverty stricken street, and Chicago.


I want to go to South Dakota. I mean the real place not Texas but with the license plates and the dialogue changed that we saw in Absolution. Also I want a level where 47 is “taken to Detroit” (No, no not Detroit!)

Isn’t San Fortuna, in Colombia in South America?

They are referring to North American locations.

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There is 50 states in America. so let’s hope for 46 more. 1 map for every state! Heres to hoping

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Ye ye waiting for that Revolutionary War HITMAN

I think there’s still a lot that can be done with the us especially with the east coast and california. I would love to see a map in my hometown as well.
But what everyone has been saying makes a ton of sense. We definitely need things to be mixed up. Large parts of Europe and Asia are untouched. What I would like to see is two or three missions/locations that focus on each partners in similar parts of the world. Maybe one in Oceania. One in Nepal/Tibet/China, one in England/Germany and the big finale in Russia.

This! A military base or research lab in Antarctica would also be cool! Somewhere 47 has never ventured!

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Would love to play some missions set in either Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania or Russia.
Keeping my fingers crossed for that burned Asylum in Brasov and St. Petersburg Re-Revisited.


Maybe a Moscow mission I doubt people are sick of Saint Petersburg but I do think IO wants to shake things up


How many people in Bhutan bought copies of the game?
And how many people in America did?

What do you think the primary market for a game like this is?

Well now that you mention Bhutan, a mission set there could actually work